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Meet Winchester!!

RARE Curly & Gaited and triple registered stallion for sale!

Gaited!       Triple registered!        Pure Curly Jim!       

*SS Walcurly Winchester
ABC 584 TQ
MFTHBA 02-76431
Foaled: 2002

*SS Walcurly Winchester

2002 Gaited Curly Colt

Sire: * Walker's Curly T (MFTHBA 83-24059)(ABC 295) Sorrel
Dam: * Lovely Lady (MFTHBA 94-44768)(ABC 256HB)Palomino
Bred by Marge Murdock in California
Our future gaited stallion prospect. Triple registered.
     You will not find a better colt anywhere! He has the most awesome temperament, loves everybody. Extremely people oriented and a true sweetheart. Rich, deep natural curl, full tail and mane. Sheds his mane in the summer. Poodle type curls in the winter.
     Winchester passes on the amazing curl that we only get from our gaited stallions. His curly babies look like poodles when they are born with the tight curl, dense lamb like coat, curly eyelashes and of course, they are hypo-allergenic for people with allergies to regular horses.
     He is very tall for a curly or Missouri Foxtrotter at almost 16hh!

     He is always looking for attention, you cannot go anywhere without him following you and begging to be part of what you are doing.
    He is naturally gaited and shows it both running in the fields and under saddle. He has tons of get up and go when asked, and settles into his fox trot easily. Winchester is one of only a handful of colts in the world that are registered MFTHBA and Curly, and that has both parents Curly . He goes back to *Curly Jim top and bottom, but carries only 25 % of *Walker's Prince T.    See his pedigree at Winchester's Pedigree!