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Best of the West Horse Transportation:

     We offer complete Equine Transportation:
        · Overseas flights to Europe
        · Local short distance hauling
        · Approved Quarantine station
        · All Export requirements arranged
        · See our
promise to you!

Let us assist you with the overseas transportation of your equine partner into Europe. We will look after everything for you! We have 45 years combined experience with horses and always put your horses comfort and safety first. We have a complete equine facility with quarantine station.

     We ship horses via 747 into Europe: Horses arrive at Luxembourg and transportation can be arranged into Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, France, or any where else you desire.


     Following is an overview of the steps required for exporting into the United States and Europe from Canada or Importing into Canada from the US.

Find your Horse

There are many resources in today’s world to find that special Equine friend. If you are having trouble locating that special one, let us know and we can help you. Make sure you ask the seller some important questions: is the horse halter broke, does it load well, any vices, any problems, has it been trailered, ever been lame, are it's shots up to date? Make sure you have a contract and that it is clear who is paying for the vet inspection, Coggins test, export papers and what happens if the horse does not pass the vet inspection.

Vet Check

We recommend that everyone have a vet check performed. There are a number of options here. You can have a visual check (which is required for border crossing), a health check ( which will determine if your horse can make the journey and if he is sick), or a full vet check. The full vet check will assess every function of your new purchase. Flex tests, stress tests, all limbs will be examined, heart and lungs will be evaluated and all sensory skills will be assessed: eyes, ears, reflexes. We have an equine specialist close to our facility that is highly recommend and can arrange for this to be done for you if the horse is to depart from our facility.

Proper Measuring

It is difficult to purchase a horse over the internet as there are many ways to take a horses measurement for height. The proper way is to use a measuring stick built for this purpose. The "old cowboy" way was to "walk" their hand along the side of the horse to it's withers. This added an additional couple of inches to the horses height and many, many times people will tell you that their horse is a couple of inches taller than it actually is.


Once you have made your deposit, technically the horse is yours. We highly recommend that you insure your horse. We offer shipping insurance at a rate of 2% of your horses value, which can include transportation. This way your horse is insured if anything happens to it during loading, transporting or unloading at your home. Your horse is insured against injury and death. We use Hartford insurance as we have found that they have the best rates and they offer world wide coverage. Insurance is also available during quarantine at a rate of 1%.

Arrange Transportation

Find your hauler. Make sure you can get your horse from where he is to your home economically. There is alot of co-ordinating required sometimes and it pays to plan well in advance. Again make sure you have in writing what it is going to cost you to have your horse brought home. Who pays the border crossing? Who looks after the paper work at the border? Will the company arrange clearance for your horse? Who pays if the hauler is delayed? Who insures your horse if something should happen to it in transit? and if something did happen, how much is it insured for? We have contracts for all of our shipments and can arrange insurance for you for a cost of 2% of your horses value. This can include transportation and is all risk.


We are an approved quarantine station for horses going overseas. Horses that come from the United States to head to Europe must be in Canada for 90 days prior to shipping. This 90 days can include the 30 days the horse is required to be in quarantine. The day of quarantine the Canadian Customs and Import office send a Federal Veterinarian out to identify the horses and register them in quarantine. He will inspect the horses during quarantine and will take the blood sample for the Coggins mid quarantine. We can arrange insurance for you while your horse is here at a cost of 1% of your horses value. There is no quarantine required for horses crossing the United States and Canadian borders at this time.

Coggins Test

This test is required for all horses leaving or entering the United States and Canada. Heaven forbid that your horse should test positive, as if he does he must then have another test and if he still tests positive, he will not be going anywhere. Test results take about a week to get back and must be done by a qualified veterinarian. The test is done on the horses blood and the sample is taken from the jugular.

Export Papers

Every horse crossing International borders must have a Federal Veterinarian inspection certificate for Canada and USDA vet inspection for the US. The vet must visually inspect the horse and the papers must be signed by a government vet. It takes up to two weeks to get these papers back, so plan ahead!

Co-ordinate Events

Make sure that everyone is kept aware of the status of your horses travel. It is not good to assume anything at this point. Get everyone’s phone numbers, cell numbers and any alternate contacts you can. Always have a plan B in the event that your horse can't be loaded, the trucker breaks down, people aren't home, etc.

Your Horse is Loaded!

When we pick up your horse we will give you a call to let you know that we are loaded. If it is a long haul we will feed and water your horse along it's journey. People are always surprised at how well horses travel. We stop along the way to give the horses a rest and for overnight hauls we generally unload the horses, depending on how they are doing and how far they are travelling. We have many contacts throughout North America and this enables us to ensure that the horses can be looked after in the event of an emergency.

Overseas Flight

When the horses are to travel overseas we transport them to Calgary to board a 747. The horses are loaded at ground level into a 7' x 8' aluminum stall. The stall has dividers to make it into 3 tie stalls if required. The horses are then taken to the plane and lifted with a hydraulic lift into the belly of the aircraft. The floor of the plane has rollers that are electrically driven to move the stall into place. It is then latched to the floor and secured for travel. The temperature is controlled by the pilot and each area of the cargo can be held at a different temperature. The horses have access to feed and water at all times and their progress is monitored every hour. It is surprising how well the horses take this part of their journey.

Border Clearance

All horses must be cleared at International Borders. The Canadian and US borders will generally just look at the horses on the trailer, but occasionally they will request that the horses be unloaded. Importation papers must be filled out and a broker is required to process the paper work. They will want to see the vet papers, bill of sale, Coggins results, way bill and vessel clearance papers. Depending on how busy the crossing is, it can take two hours to clear. Not every border crossing has a vet, so make sure that you can cross where you want to. You will require a broker to clear your horse, or we can arrange this for you through our broker. It generally costs about $75 US. plus the GST if coming into Canada.

European Clearance

Upon arrival in Luxembourg the horses will be unloaded and inspected by the Veterinarian. There is no quarantine in LUX, but it is imperative that all of the rules have been followed. They have the authority to send your horse back home at your expense if everything is not in order. You will be required to pay the import taxes, customs duty, vet fees, handling fees and clearance fees. Some countries have provisions to have the taxes reduced for breeding stock, but this must all be done prior to the horse arriving. It takes about an hour to clear the horses and then you are on your way!

Finally Home!

And your horse arrives on your doorstep! This is the fun part for us to see you receive your new friend after all of the work co-ordinating events. Depending on the length of the journey it can take a horse up to a month to settle in. Don't put him in with another horse for a day or two, but try to keep him insight of another horse for reassurance. He may be a bit thirsty, as many horses will not drink strange water for a whole day. Monitor his condition, make sure he is functioning correctly and not dehydrated . And enjoy!

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