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Birthday Party!!

Major, Star, Beauty Girl, Prince Charming II, Marshall Dilon & Moose.

Lucky Sandra was able to spend her birthday on horseback in February!

In the sunshine

at Sunnybrook Stables!

Larry contacted me last November about doing a birthday party for his daughter in February. I thought he was crazy, but what the heck. So we scheduled it and wow, what a nice surprise, it was plus 12, sunny and warm. Just a super day for a birthday party. We had an hour orientation, then built a fire and stopped for lunch. Larry entertained Tipper!
The horses all ready to go. Everyone brushed and tacked their own mounts. We used Marshal Dilon, Charmer, Star, Major, Beauty Girl and Moose. All six riders had little or no experience so we definitely needed our steadiest mounts. And Steady they were, with no mishaps.

Before our ride we had to make a tour. McCoy says hello, then Charming Prince gives a kiss!
Prince Trevino has to be in the center of attention.
After an hour inside the arena for orientation we head out on the trail! Beauty Girl was feeling too good so I led her part of the way. Charmer followed next.
Beauty has some excellent curl this winter and is looking mighty fine. Tipper came along for the ride.
Star if front, them Major behind her with our Birthday Girl!

It was such a gorgeous day nobody wanted to quit! We made a few rounds around, stepped over some of our cross country jumps and wove our way through the trails.

Charmer in the first pic, then Star.

Major in the first pic, then Moose.


Our rider for Dilon was a very brave girl. She had never been on a horse before and was not real certain that she wanted to be! Dilon looked after her expertly and she enjoyed the entire day.

Look at Beauty Girl! She is doing awesome this winter. She is certainly feeling good, wanted to be in front the entire ride. She is in foal to prince this year. Finally we should have a babe from her!

Then it was time to say goodbye! First pic is Charmer, Dilon and Moose. Then the entire group.