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     This is the place where I post the curly horse activities at the Stables. We have many faithful followers that appreciate little updates on how the horses are doing and what we are up to.
Unfortunately, with today’s new technology, I do not keep this site up to date as well as I should. If you would like to weekly current pictures and stories please like us on Facebook
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     If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done.

10/02/2019      WOW, well, what an amazing, amazing year. So many wonderful changes, trips, exciting happenings, rides, everything!
     My wonderful niece Caitlin came out with her girls in spring. I made a trip back home in May for some sad news. In June my sister Donna and 2 of her daughters came out west with my dad and we headed down to Yellowstone with my other sister Jacquie. It was a very fast, whirlwind trip, driving 54 hours in 4 days! But so worth it.
     Another banner year at Calgary stampede with Winchester and Kasey.
     Humphrey has been busy getting his lot in Penticton ready and doing the many chores required here to keep things moving forward. Thankyou! Mom came out for a couple of weeks in July and my brother in September to help get us ready for winter. Could not have done it without you Victor.
     the best part of this year so far was our trip to Yaha Tinda. I got to ride Spirit my first time, whom we aquired last year!! He's a son of our Palladin that we lost way too early and it was extremely emotional for me to be riding Spirit who so reminds me of our dear Pall. Spirit is 15 years young and true sweetheart. Looking forward to many years on the trails together, and bit thankyou to Sherri for thinking of me when she had to sell him. So greatly appreciated.
     We had a student from France this year, Paola. She spent time with Jack and Talti getting them ready under saddle. Looks like we have Talti sold but Jack is still here!
04/07/2019      2018 was a super year. We had our student Annika with us for a month. This year we have Paola coming from France for a couple of months. Calgary Stampede was a blast again as always. John Legault took Winchester, our amazing prior gaited curly stallion who is now 17 years young! we will be back again this year making it our 25th year to attend. We had a super trip to the Rocky Mountains as always. Couple of trips to the Pembina trails. Penny had a super sweet Grula colt.
     One extreme sad event did occur however. Came home from work in August to find my loving boy Baxter had passed. Appeared he had a heart attack was just there on the porch. Little black dog Shiloh extremely lonely without him, but we have survived.
06/19/2018      Very busy spring getting the new yard set up with planting trees, grass, moving corrals, buildings, planning the layout. We have 6 mini curlies for sale if you are looking for a new pall.
12/13/2017      Wishing everyone the most Merriest Christmas ever!!!
     Every year we get to stop and reflect on all the amazing and wonderful new friends made through the horses. Thankyou to everyone for your trust, friendship and supporting us for the last 28 years!! Yes, we have been in Sunnybrook for a whopping 28 years now. Breeding for 30, but we probably shouldn't start counting till we arrived here in Sunnybrook. Almost time for a big reunion party!!
     We already have one exchange student lined up for next year. Exciting.
     If you are not already following us on Facebook, please do so. We have alot more postings and news there as it is just too darn easy!!
     Ruger, Myndee, Pearl, Rosie, Kabul and Nikey all went to their new homes in the last couple of months. Getting down on our number of horses for sure. From 110 10 years ago we now have 20 horses. Still have a couple of 2016 and 2017 babies left if you are looking for a new friend.
10/10/2017      We shut all renovating down last week and had a super, fantastic weekend. Big barn dance at the stables on the Thanksgiving weekend. 55 people came out to celebrate my birthday, complete with a live band. My dad, sister Donna, her two daughters, Diana and Rashele with their babies, my niece Caitlin and her two gems, and family friends George and Sandy, all came out from Ontario.
We went to West Edmonton Mall, they all went to Jasper and we have a huge Thanksgiving dinner the next day. Was a dream come true to have everyone share in the fun at the stables.
     Rosie and Ruger are sold and heading to Manitoba end of the month.
     I get to fulfill a life long dream and treating myself to a trip to Egypt.
9/18/2017      Rosie had a beautiful colt on the weekend. Busy getting the new place renovated and ready.
     Danique returned to the Netherlands. Really miss her help with the horses.
     We had an excellent representation at Calgary Stampede. Fantastic weekend in the Rocky Mountains at the YaHa Tinda riding with John and Danique. Couple of mountain trips just camping. Weekend in Port Refrew salmon fishing. Trips to the Columbia Icefields and Ft. Edmonton with Danique also.
     I had a fantastic time in Palm Springs for my friend, Elaine's, birthday. Love going there and love my neighbors.
7/3/2017      Three months, no update, I think that is a record. Please follow our facebook page for weekly updates, I just don't seem to have the time lately to keep the website updated also.
     Jack and Talti went off to Stony Plain in June. Doty totally fell in love with Talti when she came for a farm visit in May.
     Searching for two spotted mini donkies to export to Austria, so if you know any let me know!
     Have been very busy the last month clearing a spot for a new modular on my middle 40 acres. Lots of work to get all the lines in and levelled. Even putting another water feature in with a fountain!
     Very excited to meet Danique on Monday! She only has three days to get oriented with the horses before Stampede! But I have confidence as she has tons of riding experience.
4/13/2017      Our newest addition to the stables arrived yesterday. Our gorgeous Gypsy Vanner girl originally imported from the UK! Plus little Patches had a filly March 31st, Kokomo!
3/15/2017      Check out our events page and book your children in for our summer Riding Camps!! They are filling up quick, so don't miss out.
3/5/2017      I am back from my recertification in Payson, Utah for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and SUPER pumped!! This work always fill my heart with great vibrations. So excited have a neighbor that is just as excited to get this back up and running.
     Check out the new website in progress Rainbow Trails
2/26/2017      Went to see Garth Brooks last night. Cried through more than half the concert, just amazing. He's so heart felt and generous and entertaining.
2/25      Crazy time delivering the 6 ponies to Europe. Left the stables Wednesday at 6PM and today at 2PM. Lots of hassles this go around with the federal vets out of Calgary. They finally conceded that there was no issue, but what a heart break to get them to that point.
     Important thing is that the ponies all arrived very safe and sound with no issues on the trip. Andrea is super happy and the ponies all settled in after their 8 hour drive after landing in Luxembourg.
     I was only in Europe for 12 hours and had a 10 hour delay of flight, then flew to Indianapolis with a three hour layover, then Seattle with a four hour layover, then Calgary, then 4 hour drive home. Only good news about the delays was that I got to meet Andrea and see the ponies off on their final leg of the journey.
2/4/2017      Well here we are again, three months with no updates. I guess the good part is I won't babble and get right to the good stuff.
     We have six of our little ones in quarantine right now heading to Austria later this month! Very exciting!! Federal vet here yesterday to pull the blood and do the paper work.
     King Tighernauch headed off to his new home last weekend. Wonderful thing is we get a couple of breedings to him later on when ready.
     Lakota, Flicka and Antigua headed off accross the border to Ramona from Germany in October!! Ramona is super thrilled to have another Cookie and Winchester baby.
     Little Tiny Tim is sold and heading to Ontario in the spring.
     Sad news too though, I'm afraid. We lost our precious Peggy in December. It was time, and she had an amazing last 10 years of her life. We figure she at least 32 years old. For those of you that don't know her story, I rescued her from certain death at an auction. She was foundered so bad her feet curled back almost to her fetlock and had terrible swellings on her body. My heart went out to her and I had to give a better ending to her days, and we certainly did. She taught many children how to ride and did parades, riding camps and parties. She was a super kind soul and will be greatly missed at the stables.
     More good news, my neighbor is pumped to start another healing organization at the stables!! So I'm trying to get recertified with EAGALA and she is figuring out the logistics. This could be amazing and I am really excited to see where it goes. As you know, this is my real life passion and I have let it go for the last 7 years. So very happy that I have found someone to work with.
     Have another student coming out this summer, from the Netherlands.
     My daughter and I took the granbabies to Disneyland in November, that was blast! Just too much fun and wonder.
10/07/2016      Oh my gosh, where does the time fly??!! No update for almost three months. Well, of course lots has been happening.
    : We did a great ride at Pembina trails with my co-worker John. He rode Winchester, and fell totally in love with him. Pauline rode my wonderful boy Kasey, Sydney rode Nikey, Chantal rode Joker and I rode old faithful Cookie.
    : The best of course was a super trip to the Rocky Mountains and YaHaTinda. John rode Joker, Pauline rode Nikey and I was back on good old Cookie. Must go there more, just glad we got this one trip in this year.
    : I did a nice quick trip with Pauline to Jasper National park camping. We did the town center, Maligne Lake, Medicine Lake and Maligne Canyon with Baxter and Shilo!
    : In September we were blessed with a visit from Coraline's mom and dad from France!! We met them at Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, then over Drumheller for the night. Next morning to the Hoo Doo's, largest dino in the world, the little church, and of course the Tyrell museum.
    : Joker, Mandi, Leena, Winchester, Gem and Nakoda Oak have all left for their new forever homes. Sooo happy for them all. All went to amazing families where they are getting attention and love. And of course I had to add a horse to our herd. We acquired and old showcase gelding that has not been used for many years. Been spending my evenings giving him some refresher ground work. And he's a palomino with the same grandad as my old boy Pal.
07/18/2016      Great showcase once again at Calgary Stampede. Pauline rode Oakley, leading Lakota, Sydney rode Nikey (only her third time riding this year!!) and Chantal rode Kasey.

07/12/2016      Another really full evening. Pauline and Sydney drove a couple of horses in the afternoon. Headed out to the stables after supper and they rode Kasey and Joker and Chantal joined them on Whinny for a little trail ride. I drove Mandi and gave Syd a quick lesson on Kasey. Mazda broke his gate by jumping on it, so Syd and I repaired all that.
    : We were ready to leave at 9 and checked the mini's to find a new baby!! But - problem. Target had claimed it but it was Jem's babe. So had to bring her and babe in and took hour and a half to get babe to suckle. did all our kitty stuff, feed babe again, then took girls home at 10:30 and I went back to the stables to get up every 2 hours to feed baby. Long night!! I was an hour late for work, thank goodness they understand.
07/04/2016      We entered the Leduc Canada Day parade on Friday and it was huge success. Pauline rode Nikey, Rob rode Winchester, Chantal rode Kasey and I led Courtney on Rosie with Taribella in tow.

     Mandi had a gorgeous, light sorrel, filly on Canada day! We dewormed all the horses last weekend and spent last week preparing everyone for the parade.
06/29/2016      Pauline, our new student from France, arrived on Tuesday and is settling in very well! Had a nice ride last night.
     Cookie has a drop dead, gorgeous, curly filly that will be going to Ramona!! Ramona is over the moon. Rosie also has a gorgeous filly. Light palomino right now, but may darken.
05/31/2016      I love spring with the arrival of all the new babies. And I have a super new renter at the stables that has been helping with training. Winchester has been getting lots of miles and loving it!!

     Oakley has a wonderful, tall bay curly colt from Winchester. Sally has a HUGE black/white pinto boy from King Tighan. We have two miniature curly fillies that are heading overseas once weaned, and another black/white filly that my renter has purchased.
     Check out our trained curly horses. Lots of interest right now. Joker, Winchester and Nikey all have inquiries.
     Updated our Miniature curly webpage. Three of our girls are heading over to Autria in the fall.
05/02/2016      The herd was all dewormed yesterday. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new babies!! Cookie is the size of a barn, so certain she is pregnant, along with Tiggs and Oakley. Not so sure for Mandi. Most of our minis for sure.
    : Little Tawny and Diego headed off to their new home. They loaded so well, very proud of them. Buck and Dazz also headed off to their new homes last week. Penny, Gracie and Target heading to Austria in the fall after weaning. Nikey heading out end of June when his owner is ready for him. Nakoda also heading to his new owner after we use him to breed Sally and Cookie!! Very active spring for sure.
    : If you are looking for a trained curly we still have some!! Joker, Rosie, Winchester, Antigua and Tobi!! Also riding Rugger this year (ground work started last year).
04/07/2016      Well, today is the big day. Decided to geld our amazing stallion, Winchester. He is just such a great horse we want to see him go to a great home, and nobody wants a stallion. Such a shame with his triple registration, but such is life at the stables. Will also be gelding our little boy Tobi!! Another big decision, but now we have Mazda just to hard to keep all this testosterone in check! Kalley, Buck and Dazz also being done.
03/31/2016      We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our 2016 foals!! should have 10 babies this year from Winchester, Tobi and King Tighan!
    : Chantal has been riding Kasey and he is doing so awesome when they rode yesterday that she let her friend ride him instead of her horse that was acting up. That's a real testament to his curly temperament!
01/04/2016      Happy I love it when there is a touch of spring in the air and everyone is dreaming of their new horse prospects!!
    : And the cutest story is for our little Itsy Bitsy! Chantal bought herself a barrel prospect, Storm (who looks exactly like Kasey without the curl! Too funny). She told Luke (two years old) that Storm was his new horse (Storm is 15.2hh) and Luke walked over to Bitsy (who is only 8hh) and said "No mom, Bitsy is Lukes horse" LOL, what can one do, so Bitsy is Luke's horse.
01/04/2016     Happy New Year to everyone and all the best wishes for 2016 and beyond.
    : We had a great Christmas and New Year with lots of visiting with family and friends.
     Taltiama and Jack headed off to their new homes in December. Lucas and his family are thrilled with them for their girls.
     Ambrosia will be heading to her new home end of January.
     We have some great prices on some of our horses right now due to the price of hay, so if there is someone you are thinking about don't hesitate to make an offer!!
10/10/2015     Thanksgiving – What I have to be thankful for:
     My gorgeous daughter just gave birth to our second grandchild, both are healthy and coming home today.
     My first granddaughter was a miracle, thought we would never see her smiling face but she arrived and we are so blessed.
     I am blessed to be married to someone who loves me more than I thought possible. He is understanding about my horse/dog/cat passion and never questions any decisions I make for our future. I’ve learned to play guitar, fiddle and dobro since meeting him. We have a new, modest home, that we can manage much easier than the big log house and are very comfortable in town, which I never thought would be possible. I’m lucky I can run to the ranch every day and look after all my critters, then be only 420 steps from my work (yup, I counted them).
     Thankful for my family. Thankful that all my siblings, mom and dad all talk to each other and all generally have their health.
     Thankful just to have been born in Canada. After travelling the world I appreciate how fortunate we are to live in this grand country.
     Super greatful that I have my health and a super strong work ethic from my amazing father that has allowed me to be prosperous and able to help out some of my family and friends when they have been in need.
     Thankful for my church, I love our pastor and always look forward to Sunday mornings. The feeling of being accepted, no matter what, is one I wish for every person on earth.
     Thankful for my job I have had for over 30 years. My co-workers are my family and I enjoy my job and do not want to retire from my family. Hard though, as no one does my job when I travel, and I want to travel more!! Some tough decisions in the future.
     Greatful for my passion of horses and how this had led to me making friends all over the world. Taking students into our home the last 10 years from Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands has been amazing. And to have our horses in all those places plus Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden! Plus got to travel to most of these places, and Italy, and the big one was Africa with my cats!!
     It’s a Crazy, Wonderful Life.
     I sincerely hope you are able to spend this thanksgiving weekend with loved ones and give thanks for all the blessings in your life.
9/28/2015      Fantastic weekend with my niece, Sydney, and Denae, we got most of the pictures of all our foals for registrations!
9/22/2015      Check out Our 2015 foals!!
     Saturday, September 26, from 10:30 to 3PM is a fun day at the stables. Stop by and give a hand to take pictures of all our horses!!
9/7/2015      Quick 1,800 km jaunt to pick up our wonderful little stallion, Mazda, in BC. He won 2 ribbons in 4 classes, pretty good for his very first time off the property and only in harness for one month against National and World competitors!! Great show Crystal. Thankyou for all your work with him and keeping him gentle and soft.

9/1/2015      Excellent weekend at the Pembina trails with Chantal riding Nikey and Natascha on Jackpot Joker. Pics here
     PLEASE -- if you have emailed me in the last few months and I have not replied, please resend. My server has been acting up.
7/6/2015      Off to stampede this weekend!! Always exciting. Have three helpers this trip so going to be a great girls weekend.
     Oakley was bred to Winchester last weekend, so always looking forward to an amazing foal from that pairing, plus Cookie 2 weeks ago.
     Little summer had an awesome curly colt last Friday. Has the longest curly mane I have ever seen.
     Gracie had a picture perfect palomino curly filly on the 17th, Gracie's Precious Pearl.
     Penny has the baby with the most chrome so far. Red Dun curly colt. Penny's Dun Dazzlin.
6/15/2015      Winchester is back at the stables!! Arrived at one AM with a yearling colt of his. He walked off the trailer like he owned the place.
     Saturday I took Sally to meet Pat for her to be bred to Tighan and Pat said she was covered as soon as she arrived. Great news!!
     Mysty had the smallest baby ever born at the stables this weekend1 A cute little filly by Tobi.

6/7/2015      Rosie and Dove visited Tobi this weekend. I dewormed all the horses on June 5th. Kasey got his feet trim and we will probably put Oakley and Cookie in for a visit with him.
6/4/2015      Lots has happened! As usual, but the big news is that we sold the log house. Yes, our gorgeous masterpiece is no longer ours. We are currently in transition as we are not sure where we are going to build our new home, but I am staying at the stables in a trailer in term. Robyn is still renting the house at the stables and has proven to be a huge help. She has totally cleaned out the tack room and main laneway and storage area. We are planning to get the skid in there and level it all and take out the wall to the tack room to get the water tank out and then pour some more concrete in there.
     Antigua and Kasey have returned to the stables. Antigua has a gorgeous curly filly with her. Cannot wait to get them both back in to training.

     Mika had a very cute and small colt on May 22, Mika's Magic Diego and was bred by Tobi June 3rd. Robyn took the picture.

     Target had really gorgeous colt on April 28, buckskin so far, but we will see if he changes colour. Robyn took the picture.

     Rosie had a super athletic colt on May 1st from Torrian, sorrel and full of spunk. Robyn took the picture.

     And Cookie has the winner. Right now he is steel grey/mouse coloured, so hoping he won't turn black. Born May 8th. Robyn took the picture.
12/21/2014      Well, that must be a record. Four months without an update on my website. So sorry. Facebook just makes things so much easier to post and I do post there at least weekly.
     Andee does have a new owner, Nadia, and he is still at the stables. They are a perfect match and Andee has the best of both worlds, has someone to love him and gets to stay with his girls.
     In November I got to take four of our wonderful Curlies to Europe!! Goliat has gone to Germany to join Doc, and Little Britches, Dash O Splash and Tarriana are in Austria!
     We received 6 new mini girls to breed to our new little stallion, Tobi. Plus we have a new boy we purchased that will be arriving next spring after his showing début. Some awesome lineages now, just can't wait to see what we get for babies in spring.
     In the last couple of months I have been to Belize, Ontario, Palm Springs, Europe and then Roland took me to Cuba for a couple of weeks. Pretty hectic!!
8/28/2014      Small world. We have Andee back at the stables. His owner outgrew his allergies and now has a "faster" quarter horse. It's just like old times!! I know he remembers Star, Oakley and Cookie. Too cute to see. So if you know anyone that needs a quiet, all around mount, give me a shout.
     Andee's info Pictures here. .
     Another great lesson last night. Joker is doing amazing with Robyn.
8/22/2014      Vet out today to preg check the girls and they were all pregnant! Britches, Rosie and Tari to Tobi, and Target to Teddy Bear.
8/18/2014      Well the girls went back to Germany today, quite house!
8/17/2014      Great wedding in McLennan and visit with Rolands sister at Peavine. Brought home a new addition to the stables, little girl bred to the mini stallion Teddy Bear.
7/22/2014      Nellie had a VERY gorgeous pinto filly on Friday. She is going to have excellent bone, super smooth gait and looks to stop people in their tracks!
7/21/2014      Another busy weekend. Took the girls to K-Days exhibition on Friday, Saturday we took Peggy and Tari to my nieces for a birthday party, then went to Jasper in the Rocky Mountains.
     Some 2014 Pictures here.
     Stampede was super as usual. We took Nikey, Rosie and Britches and her little baby Dash O Splash.
6/16/2014      Torrian escaped last week. No idea how he got out, but he eluded us all week! Staining of the cabin is 90% complete, finally!
6/9/2014      Robyn and Chantal helped to get all the horses dewormed tonight! Big job. and we got most of the pictures and hair samples to get Mandi, Tari, Penny, Gracie, Splash and Nikey registered. Nice to finally get that done!
5/25/2014      Beau had a nice little pinto filly today. Yesterday we trimmed up Star, Britches, Cookie, Tari and Myndee.
5/20/2014      Little Britches had a gorgeous curly, pinto filly on Sunday!! Cutest thing ever and Peggy was standing guard the entire weekend. Way too cute.
     Our two new little curly girls FINALLY arrived from Missouri Monday morning at 1 AM! Two weeks after they left for what should have been a 3 day journey. But they are healthy and very, very sweet. Can't wait to see what they have to offer. Love their colours. Gracie is silver dapple and Penny is sorrel with flaxen mane and tail. Just perfect.
5/8/2014      Lucky Irish Lace had a filly today!! Gorgeous girl with black/white, just like daddy King Tighan!!
     Our four new mini's arrived Tuesday from Painted Ponies in Manitoba!! Mi-Te Toy Tramp, 2013 Black Overo at 32". Gem Fox in Socks, 2010 black/white pinto at 33". Classical Misstress, 2008 black at 32" and Squires Montana Simply Awesome, 2009 sorrel overo at 31"!! Exciting.
4/7/2014      Some tears were definitely shed on Saturday when our lovely Holly left the stables. But the good news is it looks like we have SIX girls bred to King Tighan, so that is exciting waiting to see the new babies! More good news is that the renters at the stables fled, and now Robyn is going to be renting there with her family! This is VERY happy news for both of us.
     We are starting to plan for selling the cabin and looking at options to live at the stables also. Should be some exciting changes this year. Also looking for some new additions to the stables to breed to our mini Tobi!
3/28/2014      Our wonderful Holly just sold. So many hard decisions, but times change.
2/27/2014      After my last fiasco with a farrier I decided it was time to build my own trimming stock. So-- I searched online and found one. $1,400. Hmm, bit much. So then I found a company in the States that sells the hardware kits and all you have to do is build the frame. So I ordered it and last weekend I built the frame!! Not easy with 4x6 posts that weigh 75 pounds each. But I did it and next weekend hope to install the hardware!! We have had a very, very cold winter, with record snowfall. Will be very glad when it is spring.
     We have a new addition to the stables. A little pinto, curly boy that is going to meet our little curly girls this spring! He is super friendly and cute. Barn name Tobi, as he is Tobiano!! He actually is called King, which is funny as we lost Prince last year.
2/2/2014      Life hurts sometimes and we want to know why, what we did, where we went wrong. But we don't always find the answers we want. very close friends of mine just found out that their dad has only 6 weeks to live. He was out chopping wood two weeks ago, healthy and strong except for a "tummy ache". Went to the doc and they found "the spot". More tests and it is in his lungs and kidneys. My heart goes out to them as they are a very warm, caring, loving family that share everything. They are more like best friends than father/son and it is heart wrenching to see the pain they are having now, and knowing the struggle they will endure in the next couple of months. Why - that's all we can ask. He is not even fully retired yet for crying out loud. Just so sad As you all know, I am closer to 60 than 50 now and I just don't have the stamina I used to. So I found a farrier on the Kijij internet and she arrived Saturday morning. Not a good start when she got lost. Didn't know if it was a girl or guy when I hired her. Turned out she was from Germany, 29 years old, here for 10 years, and just got certified last year. First horse she started was Oakley and she had trouble holding her foot. I asked about how she trimmed with the heel long, groove to toe and she said that was how she was trained. Third horse for her was Holly. 12 year old well trained mare and she comes to me and says she won't give her her foot. I ask if she is serious???
     Okay. Make a long story short I ended up trimming 6 horses and she did 5. Plus I cleaned the arena, caught all the horses and held two of the horses for her to trim. I even had to trim Daisy as she could not do her, she said Daisy would not stand still for her to do. She was suppose to do 8 horses and I was hoping to take pictures and get some other work done. So although I was very played out at the end of the day, I did feel good that I was able to trim horses that a 29 year old certified woman was not able to, plus trimmed more in the time than she did.
     Paddycakes and Lily went to their new forever homes. They will certainly be missed at the stables.
     Got to spend 5 great days in sunny, HOT!! Palm Desert with my daughter, granddaughter and grandson!! Finally went to the Zoo, Outlet mall and saw some of the golf course!! Chandra and Ryley golfed while I babysat .
     Robyn came and helped to load up the last 3 heifers. could not have done it without her. As soon as they saw us tails were up and dashing to the farthest corner of the field. Got them in the little corral and the psycho one came back and charged the panel Roland was holding twice! Her buddies went in the trailer so I closed the middle panel and kept them in so we could catch her. She really did not want to leave! Roland shooed her from the back, Robyn got her up the laneway and I slammed the door shut! Victory at last!! Finally get them to the auction and I told Roland to swing open the back door and hold it so she could come out while I opened the middle panel for the other two. Psycho bolted out of the trailer and instead of turning left and running down the open laneway she turned right and rammed Roland into the gate - twice!! she just had to get the last word of her furry stated!!
1/20/2014      Susanne and her family came out for an allergy test on Saturday. She had a horse in Germany, but developed an allergy and just found out about Curly horses!! Needless to say she was VERY excited to come out. Even brought a GREAT box of Belgian chocolates.
     Here is her email next day:

     Hi Deanna,
     I just wanted to thank you one more time for that wonderful experience on Saturday! I did not wash my hands for another few hours after I was back home just to see if there were any delayed type allergic reactions coming up, but nothing happened at all, not even the slightest reaction. I still can not believe that this is actually happening and that I am able to get back to my favourite passion horse riding through these wonderful and beautiful Curlys. I have not been able to touch a horse without rubber gloves for 12 years, or groom one without wearing nose and mouth mask.
     I absolutely loved all your Curlys I saw- the two sweet little ponies I touched, big Joker who loved to have her nose scratched from every angle, and beautiful calm Nicki who reminded me so much of my own horse, Lynda (she's a Lipizzan x English thoroughbred and is turning 19 this year on her retirement farm back in Germany). It was and still is an incredible experience for me and I feel a whole world has just opened up for me again! Given that our daughter Leyla seems to have been bitten by the horse bug as well (it is in the genes after all…), the Curlys are a wonderful option for our family.
     I would really love to get to know them more once you start up for the season again. Is it possible to book an arena lesson (maybe a private one?) and ride a Curly just to see how it is going when I am grooming/ on the horse/ in the arena dust where regular horses have been present? (This is what i would be exposed to when boarding a Curly in a regular stable next to regular horses). It would also make me more familiar with the Curlys and spruce up my long-dormant riding skills again…
     Leyla and I are also very much looking forward to trail riding a Curly in summer.
     If you decide to start your season earlier, would you mind letting me know? Otherwise I will just get back to you in May. I can't wait…:-))))
     Thanks again Deanna for all your time and effort, it truly changed my world.
     Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!
12/16/2013      Well we are back from Jamaica and while we were gone Sunnybrook was the coldest place on earth at MINUS 37!! We had a good trip, swam with the dolphins, tons of snorkeling and climbed the Dunns river falls. Always great to come home even at minus 30.
     Paddycakes is sold. Sharon that is taking Sally's filly, Lilly, will also be taking Paddycakes!
     Isabel and Kelly came out on the weekend to check out the curlies. Joker fell in love with Isabel so looks like he has a new home also. The bond was instant and strong. Joker was loose in the ring and following Isabel and the wind caught the plastic window and it crashed loud. He jumped towards the gate but went right back to Isabel. Love it.
     Today we tried to ship our heifers. yesterday I spent 4 hours moving snow so the truck could come in to get them. Had to move them through snow up to my hip!! Was very tired bringing them up to the corral and then chasing them 3 times! We finally got them in the chute and then one of the panels fell, they spooked and was almost impossible to get them back there. Finally we got 6 of the 9 on the truck and I said that was good for today!
11/20/2013      MINUS 30 this morning!! Yuck. we just got back from Nashville where I got to take some amazing instruction on my Dobro from world leaders in the field. Now just need some time to practice all I was taught!
     I just slashed the prices on our pony/mini curlies, check out the broke horses page as they will be gone very quickly at half price!!
     Our little Patches has found a new home and will be leaving at the end of the month. Lady has a little mini now and wants some company for it, so will be a great home for her.
     Farrans blood work was all done yesterday so he will be on his way to Wisconsin next week!
11/1/2013      Littly Lilly has a new home. Lucky Sharon saw her online and we will be meeting up for delivery when she is weaned in February. Tomorrow we head out with Arebella.
     Our Paddycakes is back for sale. The lady that was taking her is now getting divorced and cannot buy her anymore. Paddy is now bred to King Tighan, so that will be one top notch baby!
     Spent a couple of weeks in Palm Desert fixing up our place there. Very happy with the progress. We have some amazing neighbors there and can't wait to get back next year. This month I am blessed to able to partake of the Dobro Summitt in Nashville! Yea me! 2,000 applicants and only 150 people get to participate and I am one of them! Only because I took a session with Rob Ickes, the organizer. Super excited. Now I just need to find some "spare" time to practice before we go.
     Hoping to get all the horses dewormed this weekend. Always a full day and sounds like the last half decent day tomorrow. So best take advantage of that.
10/6/2013      WE ARE SO HAPPY. Our Reilly has a wonderful new owner, a very sweet girl that totally fell in love with him. They are a match made in heaven. Always warms my heart to see two bond like they are doing.
     And our Arebella is also heading out to her new forever home. Lucky Mariah, that was out for a couple of weeks riding camp, will be able to ride her at her grandmothers! Yea!!
     Busy as always around the stables. Building new fences to separate the pastures and properties.
9/5/2013      CHECK THIS OUT!! We have a truck heading to IDAHO and can haul your horse to you for $500!! Yes, Only $500. Don't miss this once in life time opportunity. Rate is normally $1,200 per horse!!!
     Our Starfire is sold and leaving for Smokey Lake tomorrow morning.
     Our Beau Britches will be staying with us at the stables over the winter for her training.
     Lady coming to see Star tomorrow. And possibly people coming from Idaho to check out our curly horses! Busy fall. Love knowing our horses are going to loving homes.
9/02/2013      Nikey had his first ride outside yesterday with Robyn. was uneventful, as expected! He is so easy going.
     Robyn has purchases Beau Brithces, Britches filly from 2010. She has two sons and they are in love with their new addition!!
8/26/2013      Great weekend! I got to meet Denise Conroy from Michigan, the HUGE Curly horse ambassador - manages the Curly Horse website
     I have chatted with Denise many times over the years and was fantastic to finally meet her. Could have talked all weekend, but unfortunately her and her husband Tom were only able to join us for dinner and then carry on down the road. But we still had a super visit in our short time and felt like we knew each other forever.
8/14/2013      Sad couple of days. Our shop foreman at work passed away last week and now our parts manager had a heart attack. Funeral tomorrow.
8/5/2013      Whirlwind as usual for our summers here!!
     July 27th we took the girls to Jasper as they have been working so hard this summer!! We had a great time camping and the girls were excited to sleep in a tent in the Rocky Mountains!! We went to Jasper, Athabasca Falls, Maligne Canyon and stayed in Pocohantas campground. We were suppose to take the horses to YaHa Tinda, but just too darn much rain!!
     Friday evening I took the girls to West Edmonton mall as they had some more shopping to do before Coraline headed back to France! yes already she has gone on Saturday, but boy, what these two girls accomplished in one month together is amazing. All of our riding age horses are now finished and ready for their forever homes. so many super stars this year, just hard to pick a favourite. Little Tari is my fav, being so brave and beautiful for such a little girl. Goliat is always my fav for looks and brains, took the lead everytime we asked him to. Joker my fav for elegance and style. Britches for her boldness and huge mane. Reily for just being such a gentleman. Nikey for being under saddle second session and no resistance at all. Rosie for her huge heart and caring attitude. Starfire for his take no BS attitude and super smooth foxtrotter stride. And last but not least, our beloved Bella, the sweetheart of them all. If she was just a bit heavier I would keep her for my forever horse with her easy going character. Love them all.
     Saturday morn was up and at the airport for 7 AM for Coraline's departure. Then back to the stables to meet up with Stephanie to see what she had accomplished all week polishing Joker, Lady, Starfire and starting King Tighan. Then Annika and I loaded up my little Boler trailer and headed south.
     First stop was the Tees rodeo so Annika could see a real small town rodeo. And it was no disappointment. Nobody stayed on the bulls and 3 attacks, a little 5 year old girl running barrels and an old time calf scramble. Love it.
     Then a dash to Drumheller desert area so she could see the diversity of our great province. Stopped at the Hood Doos, camped by the Red Deer river, hike up the largest dinosaur, descended the Horseshoe Canyon and explored the Dry Island Buffalo Jump. One very full weekend.
7/22/2013      Great weekend at the Pembina trails. Pictures here.
     And be sure to check out our current pictures here.
7/16/2013      Wow, what an evening. Coraline rode Arebella outside and LOVES her!! Robyn rode Starfire, Joker and Goliat all outside and it was amazing. By the time I got home the girls had driven all the horses in training and rode the little ones plus Reilly. Then the real surprise was our little Nikey! His first time in the arena last week, drove him a couple of times, last night told the girls to put some weight on him and turned around and Coraline was riding him! Wow, now there is trust. Just super happy with the progress of everyone this year. Thankyou girls!!
     See Arebella's pictures here, , Goliat's pictures here, Nikey's pics here, and Joker's pics here.
7/15/2013      Another great showcase for Calgary Stampede. Stampede pictures here.
     And the horses are back in training already. Coraline is riding Reilly and Arrabella. Robyn is doing fantastic on Goliat, Joker and Starfire. Even Nikey is almost ready to be ridden. The little ones got the day off after stampede.
     Pictures of our weekend with the girls here.
7/10/2013      Excellent evening and day!!
     Sally had her little foal last night!!
     Roland's great niece, Sydney, is out for a few days with her friend, Mariah, and they are helping out around the stables and getting some riding in. They cleaned every saddle in the areana yesterday, which is GREATLY appreciated! Plus supper was cooking when I got home! Mariah is riding Star and Sydney Oakley. Both girls are doing super!
     Annika arrived from Germany and Coraline from France! Annika has been working with Goliat, Joker, Reilly and Starfire, and Robyn joined us yesterday to start riding them all! Plus of course our Arebella. And we brought Nikey in to start. He was driven the last couple of nights, almost ready for weight.
     Coraline got right into refreshing Tari, Britches and Rosie and rode them all yesterday. Going to be an amazing year for finally getting some miles of everyone!!
     Coraline is riding Lady, our Irish Draught girl, for lessons and Annika is riding Cookie. Took Coraline a bit to get used to Lady's huge stride, but now she is in love!!
     I finally replaced my old Dodge 1 ton. Was time to retire the old girl. Bought an 04 Chev Silverado, 3500, fully loaded, dually, diesel, 4x4, super cab with power everything, leather seats, BOSE speakers! and even a DVD player for the back seat passengers. Never had luxury like this in my life!
     Every night after we finish with the horses we stop at the pond to feed the fish and the girls head out in the canoe. I sure do love my pond!!
     My mom was out for a 2 week visit and we held a surprise party 60th birthday party for Roland! 50 people arrived and we had a band, dance and BBQ. Was excellent! He was totally surprised. We played our guitars until 5 in the morning!! The sun was up and the birds were signing already, so I said they can take over, I'm done!!
     Had a super visit with my cousin and we headed down to Palm Springs to check out the new house and do some cleaning and set up everything for winter. Got half the bedroom painted before we had to leave. Was super hot at 40 degrees Celsius!
5/30/2013      Little Britches had a super cute filly on the 28th, calling her Britches Little Mandi! Will have pics under new pics link.
     Got to see some trout jump in my pond!! Was super exciting. I was worried that they had froze over winter as my pump quit in February, but there are some survivors! And my little Oak tree has some buds! Plus 16 of our seedlings survived on the hill, plus another 20 on ground, not great out of 200, but we will take what we get!
     Had a super fantastic Cruise to Alaska with Roland and my dad. Was the best thing possible to celebrate my dads 80th birthday. We did it all - helicopter to the Mendahall glacier, Whale watching at Juneau, White Pass train, Gold Panning, 6 hours on a crab fishing boat from the "Deadliest Catch TV show", watched 20 eagles for over and hour, toured Glacier Bay and watched the Hubbard Glacier calve, docked at Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway. Was super amazing and took over 1,200 pics.
     Planted 100, seven foot tall, evergreen trees on the middle property. Looks awesome! Wow just hope that they all grow as I might have killed some with kindness. I put fertilizer in the holes before I planted them thinking it would help, but when I saw some loosing needles was told I burnt the roots! Noooo!
     My cousin Darlene comes out for her first visit to the stables in a couple of weeks. That will be exciting, can't wait to see you!
     My wonderful granddaughter, Amanda, graduates on Saturday! GOOD for you Amanda, so proud of you.
     We are lucky to have Ramona coming for one last visit before she heads back to Germany. She will be arriving on June 14th.
     Annika, from Germany, will be arriving on June 15th. That will be excellent she will have Ramona here to help her orientate.
     My mom will arrive for a visit on June 19th, hoping she can hang around untill her new grandbaby arrives!!! (The MOST exciting event EVER!!)
5/4/2013      Finally a weekend without snow!!! Got lots done around the ranch and paying for it today!
     Kiandra and Rhiana sold and went to their new home yesterday. Myrna came and picked up Keelah, Antigua and Kasey. So now we only have Tubbs, Tighan and Holly left for sale. This is the least amount of horses I have had at the stables in 20 years. Feels strange.
4/4/2013      It has been a hard week, after feeding Prince every day for the past 10 years we no longer need to head to the barn everynight. Roland says we should write a song about the empty barn.
     Good news for everyone that was looking for a trained Gypsy mare, our two girls Holly and Lioness Kiandra are back on the market. The prospective buyer did not get some money they were expecting, so had to cancel the deal.
4/4/2013      Sad news in the curly world. Our amazing Charming Prince passed away yesterday. He was in excellent shape, feeling great, but luck would have it that he slipped on the ice into a puddle and got water in his lungs. We tried for an hour to bring him back around, but it just was not meant to be. He was THIRTY this year, so at least it is comforting to know that he lived a very full life.
     This morning I was at my upstairs bathroom sink, looking out over the paddock and saw the dogs barking by the fence line. Then a coyote raced out of the bush and attacked Baxter!! Both dogs ran and then this HUGE coyote attacked Baxter again and took him down. I feared for the worst, but Baxter got up and hi tailed it to the house. Two more coyotes showed up and I could not believe how big these guys are. Roland got his rifle and took a shot. Will be picking up some shells for my 30-30 today. All I was thinking was no, I cannot loose my Baxter to!!
3/24/2013      Ramona May from Germany came out for a visit on the weekend. Was -22 Saturday morning - YUCK, so we went shopping for horse stuff and had a great day.

     Antigua's curly gypsy baby, Kasey, takes all the loving Ramona will giver him!
     Dominique from the Pipestone flyer contacted me and wants to do a feature story on our horses!! She is coming out on Wednesday to take pictures and do the interview.
3/4/2013      All the horses were dewormed on Saturday. Big thankyou to Chantel for all your help! Stephanie came out to see Bradey, she will be picking him up next weekend.
     Friday had a wonderful dinner with my daughter at the new Chilli's restaurant at Terwilegaer. Sunday 11 people arrived to test their allergies with our Russian kitties, was a great day.
2/12/2013      And this morning received a deposit on little Maephle! That just leaves Tighan, Farran, Rhiana and Reily for our gypsy horses available. Reily is coming back in today for his refresher course as I have a lady interested in him also.
2/11/2013      Busy weekend getting the areana all preped so it isn't so dusty in there!!
     And spring is definetly in the air. Sold Holly, Kiandra, Paddycakes, Antigua, Kasey and Keelah! That is the last of our gypsy mares we had for sale now. Just the youngsters and Reilly left.
1/4/2013      Hope everyone had a great Christmas surrounded by family and friends. I had a few tears over the holidays with my annual listening to the horses, but we all made it through. Just not the same around here without our Palladin. Have hired a girl, Laurie, to train the horses. She started Wednesday and we brought in Paddy, Phleap, Irabella and Antigua. She comes highly recommended by Bob Cole, our farrier.
     Renovations coming along on the old house at the stables. Have the bathroom ready for wall tile, kitchen ready for back splash, paint and going to sand down all the cupboards. Living room ready for flooring. Bedrooms all painted, floors sanded ready for finish. Porch and sitting room all sanded ready for paint. Subfloor down in porch ready for tile. Tub and drywall tore out of bath plus counter top replaced. Still a fair bit to do, but the main push is now down.
12/3/2012      Heartbreaking news. Our beloved Palladin has crossed over the rainbow bridge. No idea what happened. Just found him in the pasture, gone. Extremely sad, the stables will not be the same without him, and nor will I
10/30/2012      Finally a moment to snap some shots of Holly and Kiandra under saddle. Jess came out from Winfield and gave me a hand. It was FREEZING cold! Minus 10 with a wind chill of minus 20. But we got some. You can see them on the Gypsy Vanner sale page. Also got some neat shots of Farran and Maephle running around with moms.
     It was the first time I got to ride Holly and was I ever impressed. I had knee surgery when she arrived a couple of years ago and she got to have a lot of time off. But she never missed a beat, solid as a rock. Same for Kiandra, very, very impressed with these two girls.
     Had a nice trip to New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana for Roland's birthday. Did a nice little paddle boat cruise along the Mississippi and a gator tour in the Bajou.
10/17/2012      Not much happening with the horses right now, very busy getting ready for winter. Have MAJOR renovations happing at the house by the stables. Redoing pretty much the entire house. Renters left wet boxes sitting in the basement for 3 months after they removed the sump pump before a storm, so terrible mess. Going to make it a winter project and just do what I can when I can. At least I have it all dried out now. Also tearing apart the bathroom and kitchen for updates. I love doing this stuff, just same old story, need more hours in a day and days in a week!!
     Took a wonderful trip to Ontario to see my sister get married. Then a trip to Nova Scotia to visit Rolands wartime buddies. Now a trip to Louisiana to go 'gator (camera) hunting.
9/24/2012      Made the BIG decision and Reilly is now a gelding. If we do stay breeding we will use King Tighan next year, so just made sense to geld Reilly before winter and let him settle down and be gorgeous riding boy next year. Also had 11 horses feet trimmed, busy day!
     Jason and Raquel were out for the weekend and helped out BIG time. Jason and Roland got 4 chords of wood split and on the deck ready for winter. Raquel stained all the railings and wow, does it every look sharp.
     I was also busy still working on the garage at the stables, big cleaning job there. Plus installed two handrails and started a major reno in the bathroom. Tore out most of the plaster board and ready to get back at it today!
9/19/2012      We were off to Ontario for my sisters wedding and while we were there Roland said he had never been to Niagara Falls! Being from Ontario I just assumed EVERYBODY had been to Niagara Falls! So we took a couple of days and heading down there. What a great time. Did the Maid of the Mist, Journey Behind the Falls, Niagara Thunder and had to visit "Dorky street". Next morning we ventured down to Old Fort Erie as Roland is a huge history buff. Stopped along Lake Ontario for lunch and then home. Great weekend.
     Jason stopped by for a few hours last weekend and we did a power blitz and got one whole side of the old garage roof tore off, plywood replaced and half the tin on. I was a wee bit tired that night. Next day I finished the tin. Last night I got the trees all cut beside the other side of the garage and moved the scaffold in ready for phase two!
     Lots of inquiries on our Gypsy horses right now. We have reduced our prices to half of what I paid, so they are going fast.
     Just turned Antigua and Keelah out with the main herd this weekend.
     Still need 48 hours in a day!!
8/30/2012      Fun at the races last weekend. We attended the 83rd running of the Canadian Derby. Love going to the Derby!!      Keelah was bred on Monday. Sally and Antigua are still in with Tubbs also. Lots of interest in our Gypsy horses, no deposits yet, but I know 3 of the mares will be going for sure. Will have horses heading to Pennsylvania and Maryland, so if you are from that area and considering one of our horses, now would be the time!
8/20/2012      What a weekend. Got to see my daughter make two victories. One was running 14k in the mountains, wow. Second was getting comfortable driving their 32' motorhome. Way to go Chandra!      So we spent Friday night in Kananaskis for her run, had lunch at Barrier Lake and then headed to Nanton for the Shady Grove Bluegrass festival. High Country was there from California and I really wanted to see them as they were the ones that did the camp I went to last year. And not only did I get to see them, but I got to PLAY with them for TWO h0urs!! What a rush for me that has only been playing the guitar for 3 years now. Amazing, wonderful and so much fun. All the guys are so supportive and encouraging. Now I really must get my Dobro playing better. Might go to the camp again this year.      Jason has been out all weekend and really got a jump on some of the stuff at the areana that I have not had time to fix. All of our doors are now working proper and we are rebuilding the ledge where we tie up the horses. Ordered in the plastic for around the skylight. Starting to look like somebody cares again. After I got home on Sunday he helped me trim Princers feet. That was a huge deal, thankyou so much Ja.      So he told me that since he is doing all of that I needed to give him a riding lesson. I trimmed Pall, Cookie and Stars feet as Robyn was also in town and joined us. He had Cookie and Pall caught when I got home from work and I actually rode Pall. Yes, first time this year I really rode a horse. It was so wonderful to play with him. I LOVE that boy, and he never forgot a thing, was right there on every cue doing his side passes, turn on the haunches, leg yield and I love it!! Jason learned to post on Cookie, so now he is well on his way to being a cowboy!! Just a great evening.
8/16/2012      Turned Sally, Keelah and Antigua out with Ryley.
8/7/2012      Spent Saturday evening at the Blueberry Bluegrass festival in Stony Plain. Crazy storm blew in that caused some tornado’s around us. Phone call Sunday morning from Kristie that Ryley was in the areana with Holly and Paddycakes. I was not impressed for I thought Ryley must have broken my new fence. But when I got home I discovered that the terrible winds we had blew down 2 full sections of our windbreak fence line around Ryley's corral. Had turned Paddycakes and Holly in with Ryley on July 14th for rebreeding.
8/1/2012      And a wonderful visit from my niece, Caitlin!
Posted pictures here.
7/27/2012      Wow, what a wonderful three weeks we have had with Coraline.
Posted Rocky and Rodeo trip pictures here.
So sad she goes home on Sunday already. And this weekend could be full of great friends and family around. Caitlin is coming with her husband and two children, hopefully a visit from Tracy and Meg, plus Stephanie is in the area!!
     Last night we had fun teaching Coraline how to play guitar untill the wee hours. That was after her and I had a super session at the stables with Britches, Rosie and Tari. All three ridden on their own and then trotted on the lunge. Wow. Great work Coraline!
     Last weekend we wanted to show her as much of Alberta as we could before she leaves. So mom and I took her to West Edmonton Mall and then the Botanic Gardens on Thursday and then Friday morning headed south to the Carstairs rodeo. Great little rodeo with all the events and we certainly had front row seats on the action. Then Saturday morning off to Banff, Lake Louise and Bridal Veil Falls. AMAZING shots of the glaciers. And then back home. Long day, but way worth it. Got to see a black bear right beside the car!!
     Shelly and her family showed up Wednesday evening to test her allergies, and of course - she was ecstatic that she had no reaction to the horses. They were just heading out on a holiday and will touch base upon their return. Interested in Starfire and Goliat.
7/16/2012      Posted Stampede pictures here.
7/11/2012      Britches and Rosie did amazing again tonight. Tari also got weight tonight and did awesome. Phleap, Goliat and Starfire rode. Friday we are off to Stampede! Probably taking Britches, Oakley and Goliat.
7/10/2012      Coraline sat on both Britches and Rosie tonight and I led her around! Both girls are doing AMAZING! They are driving perfect, so ready for the next step! Tari has come along in leaps and bounds also.
7/7/2012      Antigua has a GORGEOUS curly Pinto colt. Just the sweetest baby ever. Born on July 6th.
     Pattycakes had a baby on Saturday, but unfortunatley she decided that Holy's baby was hers and rejected her own baby. We sadly lost the little girl at 3 this morning.
     Chandra came out for supper on Friday and we all had a wonderful stroll through the horses.
     Sunday we finally started our training again. Coraline is excited to train the ponies and so we had Britches, Rose and Tari in with Phleap, Starfire and Goliat.
7/3/2012      Keelah had a baby boy on June 30th and Holly a striking baby girl on Canada Day! Cherylee in Africa had the suggestion of the name Maple for Holly's Canada day girl!
     Finished putting up all the wire for the field at the cabin, so now Tighan and Rhiana have a new home, plus they keep Reilly company.
     Went to the Telfordville 100th anniversary on the weekend and had a super time. Little birthday party for one of the neighbor girls with Peggy. Reo and Sam came over for a BBQ and completed a wonderful weekend.
6/24/2012      Still no new babies yet!!
     Our houdini Reilly got loose last weekend. Was totally full of himself and parading all over the ranch.
     Tali has gone to a new home, along with our donkies. Yes, we parted with Sally and Jenny. they will be missed for their morning wake up calls at 6 AM.

     And look at the AMAZING pictures from Franzi in Germany!! Wonderful shots of her on Palladin's daughter, SS Pal's Sheza Seleena, competing in the European competitions!! Congratulations Franzi!!

6/3/2012      Picked up Folly yesterday. We must have missed her foal heat for she did not come back around. And JJ is heading back to California for competitions, so no Irish Draught baby next year. But we need to come up with a special name for her little boy (who doubled in size while gone!!). Something Irish and strong!
     Had to shut down the training for a bit as the corral was too muddy. Should be back at it this Thursday.
     Had a very productive weekend. Spread two loads of gravel, picked all the rocks from the trench for the air supply to the trout pond. washed them all and put them in the quonset house rock garden. And then I spent and entire day making the water fall pretty and working. Planted some flowers, pulled the weeds and had to raise the main water supply reservoir 6 Inches. No easy feat! but it is all done and working and definelty worth all the time.

     On May 25th I stocked our trout pond with 100 trout!! Yippie! First time ever for trout in Sunnybrook. very exciting. Then I had a fellow out to trench the 660' air supply to the pond.
5/14/2012      I LOVE spring!! So exciting to be back in the swing of things. Started back with the horses on Friday. Phleap, Lacey, Lady, Starfire and Antigua all got drove and walked under saddle. Goliat joined us on Saturday. Worked with Keelah and Kerri and did their feet. Thanks to Kyle for helping with Keelah and Phleap. Their fet were so hard I played out! Starfire and Antigua are our stars for these sessions. Jess and Amanda helped on the weekend also and we just had super sessions!!
     Saturday Folly and her baby got to go for a trailer ride over to JJ. Trying to catch her on her foal heat. I did some yard work after that, pulled all the old weeds out, got rid of some dead trees, fertilized the apple and evergreen trees, watered them all down good and planted my 6 huge flower pots. Trimmed up Goliat and Antigua. Then we worked the horses for 6 hours and then I looked after my kitties. Sunday had two people out to check their allergies for the kitties, then I did some mroe yard work, met Amanda at the stables at 2 and we got all the horses brushed, saddled and drove by 4:30. Jess then arrived to ride them all. Discovered Goliat and Lady has escaped, so will have to bring them back in later. Headed off to Edmonton to enjoy a wonderful supper with my daughter and her husband and then stopped and bought another 8 trees for the trailer property. Got home at 8:45 and then planted all the trees! That was one full weekend!
5/8/2012      Another productive evening. Took the quad out and dug up 8 trees and transplanted them at the trailer house. Ready to harrow all the dirt I moved on the weekend now and then plant grass! Will all look alot different a month from now!
5/6/2012      GREAT weekend! Folly had a super tall colt on Friday!! Nellie tried to steal it so we had to bring Folly up to the yard. He is ALL legs!! Beautiful baby.
     Got most of the horses dewormed on the weekend. Trimmed up Lacey, Lady, Holly, Folly, Patches and Oakley. Oaks is not limping! So here's hopeing she is back in the riding string this year. Kept up Phleap, Goliat and Starfire for more training.
4/2/2012      Travelled to Ontario for my dad's 80th Birthday and had a wonderful, wonderful visit. Was a surprise party for him with relatives we had not seen in over 30 years!!
     We are surrounded with mud at the moment. Had another inch of snow yesterday and more forecasted for the weekend. As soon as our water thaws out we will be able to water down the arena and get at some much needed training!!
3/19/2012      We just returned from an amazing trip to Belize. Spent our first week on a sailboat from Placencia and enjoyed the best snorkling ever on the barrier reef. Then a week in San Pedro, Ambergis Caye. Also went up to San Ignacio. Loved it there. People so friendly, plus the main laguage is English. 30 degrees everyday and just wonderful. I could live there. Definetly the nicest place we have visited to date.
     Pictures of our Africa trip here.
2/16/2012      Arabella had her feet trimmed last night. Paddy was driven for the first time this year and Andee and Cookie were rode. Jessica is back today and we'll see who she catches up but should bring Goliat, Starfire and Phleap back in to start their training for the year. Was a good evening!
2/14/2012      We have our first exchange student confirmed for this summer. Coraline will be joining us from France for most of July and attending the Calgary stamped with us and our horses!      Our winter has been exceptional this year. We have enjoyed well above average temperatures and very little snow. The horses are enjoying the reprieve from our normal minus 20 and below temperatures. Certainly helps with the feed bill! We were able to head off to Florida for a week last month and check it out. Probably not a place we would want to spend our winters, but still very nice.      Yesterday our little mini, Atty, headed off to her new home. Her lovely new owners also have a mini donkey and mini goats. They promised new pictures!      Chris reports that Charlie is still doing amazing in his new home. The girls are using him for pony club and he is excelling at jumping.      I moved the scaffold over to the arena on the weekend and Jason got it all set up and Roland gave me a hand to change all the burnt out light bulbs. Also set up the round pen ready for our spring training sessions.      Jessica, Kyle and I started some training yesterday. Kyle gave me much needed hand to trim Paddycakes and Peggy. Pegs is our little pony that had foundered so bad when I bought her, so her feet are always a two person chore to trim.      If all goes well we should be able to get a good week of training in and then get back at it next month.
12/2/2011      We made it back from a real whirlwind tour of Africa. I can never thank Cherylee and Oliver enough for showing us so much and making us feel like family. Totally amazing. I took 3,500 pictures so I think that pretty much says it all. We saw lions (one roared in the middle of the night right beside our jeep! and one lioness picked up and carried a cub!), elephants (babies! and some spraying each other at a water hole), wildebeest (a couple of very large herds), giraffes, water buffalo, a hyena (caught him in the spot light right beside our jeep, extremely eerie!), cheetah, baboons, monkeys, mongoose, impala, water buck, Sable antelope (very rare), rhinoceros, hippopotamus, and so many birds and reptiles we lost count.
     Our three day riding adventure was exciting. I was very surprised at the terrible trot and canter of the horses provided - they definetly need some of our smooth riding curlies!!
11/2/2011      Our little baby kitties arrived in South Africa!! Took them 2 1/2 days to get there, but Cherylee reported that they were alive and well and very anxious to be free! She has sent some pictures of them in their new home which I just don't have time to post!
     Our shcedule when we get to go is going to be very busy and full. We leave Edmonton at 9:30 AM, Arrive Johanesburg, SA the next day at 2 PM our time.
     Heaad out with Cherylee to go and buy “safari stuff”.
     Sunday morning do a little sightseeing.
     Sunday afternoon, drive up to her farm for the night and learn how to fly fish.
     Monday morning, leave for Kruger park and night at Tamboti tented camp....I believe it’s amazing! Do two jeep safari's looking for the big 5!
     Leisurely drive to Imbali Safari lodge for the night. Here we also will do a couple of safari's and hopefully one of foot also.
     Next day transfer to Hamilton’s private tented camp for the night which is very elite and exotic. We were lucky to get a reservation here at all!
     Then we drive to Skukuza for a night with more safari's.
     Next we spend a night at Little Jocks Safari camp where we are hoping there are lions awaiting.
     A couple more days at Cherylee's farm, some sight seeing and shopping.
     Then another BIG event. We drive to Waterberg to Ant’s Hill exclusive resort. They won tourist accomodation of the year for South Africa.
     We will be riding on horseback for THREE days amongst Zebra, Water Buffalo, Giraffe, Elephant and hopefully get to see Cheetah, Lion and a horde of animals. This will be a rush.
     Still can't beleive it is all happening. All because of the endless opportunities created from the internet. Wow. Amazing what can happen when you don't quit and just DO IT!! Big Thankyou to Cherylee for trusting we could make this happen and for all her devoted work in Africa making reservations and organizing a trip of a life time.
     On another note, you may have noticed our website was down for a couple of days. I lost my credit card, twice actually in a month, and didn't make my $25 payment for one of my 7 domain names, and they shut me down!! After being a customer for 12 years, never missing one of my 7x$25 payments and they shut me down. Could not beleive it. 12 years of history, 3,000 pictures and endless memmories gone, just like that. Got it all worked out though, obviously. Note to self though, DO NOT loose your credit card again!!
     Briggs went happily on his way. Very happy for Angelique, they will do very well together.
     My buddy Rayden, our seal point boy kitty, has gone off to a new home also. a super happy Kristy came by to pick him up on Sunday and we are all amazed at how well he is getting along with Benson, the kitty she got from us last year. She thought Benson needed a friend, and so far it appears to be so! Sure miss my buddy that slept with me everynight and greeted me every morning.
10/27/2011      Things have been kitty crazy here the last bit. Got the federal vet papers all signed for the two heading to Africa yesterday, finally. They checked the boy for his microchip and could not find it last week! They thought it might be their reader, so they ordered in two new ones and still could not find it yesterday. So he got a new chip after being xrayed, just to make sure. That would be the worst to have him arrive there and they read the old one! Heading down to Calgary Saturday real early to take them to the airport. Still a few things that have to be finalized, but hopefully it all comes together.
     Angelique bought Brigadier and arrived last night to take him home in a very small 2 horse trailer. No way we were going to get him in there. His head was hitting the roof with just 1/3 of his body in! so she searching frantiacally for a taller trailer and coming back today to take him home to Fort McMurray.
     Took a super break to Nova Scotia last weekend. Was great to see everyone and I got lots of guitar playing in. First day was "raining hypo's and elephants", as the radio anouncer said! But after that was gorgeous sunshine and the leaves were still in full colour.
     Sally and Jenny, our donkies, will be going to their new home this weekend. A co-worker wishes to add them to his herd of one donkey!
     Lady coming out to see Cookie tonight. Hate to part with her, but it is time for her to be used more. She loves people so much not fare for her to sit around.
     Had a fantastic time in Ontario for the Gypsy Vanner Fair. Learnt lots, saw some nice horses, did the judges seminar, and found out what they are looking for in a supreme gypsy. And very happy to report that ours are right up there with the best of the best.
08/19/2011      Things are progressing, slowly, on the acreages. So hard to get plumbers/electricians to show up. I've been busy building the deck for the first home. The quonset is almost finished now. Hope to get the deck finished and most of the skirting done this weekend. Have a wedding to take pictures for on Saturday, so that will reduce my hours!
     Still raining everyday, which really slows things down also. Roland and the gang got half of the garage sided last weekend. Looking super.
     Heading off to Ontario for the first Canadian Gypsy Vanner Fair next month. Should be very exciting. Roland and I are taking a Gypsy Vanner judging course on the Friday, then attending the galla on the Saturday evening and show on the Sunday. Really looking forward to meeting other Gypsy Vanner owners.
08/08/2011      Well this is crazy. So busy working at setting things up so I have more time for the horses, etc, that I have NO TIME!!
     Stampede was a huge success as usual. We took Palladin and Charlie and everybody LOVED both horses. Pall was the show stopper as usual. Met up with my daughter and Roland’s son and have a fantastic supper Saturday evening. My mom joined us for the weekend and we had a really great time.
     While in Calgary we sold Charlie! He is really missed as he was our main riding horse for our green horns.
     My mom was out from Ontario for 3 weeks and we just had way too much fun. Lots of late guitar nights, some road trips and running here and there.
     Finally got a new pasture fenced and turned Reilly out with his girls on the 31st of July. better late than never!!
     Kyle has been working with Nellie and has her working very well. He's hoping we make a mountain trip and he can ride her. (We're hoping too!!)
     Chayana went off to Vancouver and Neda LOVES her! Hooray!!
     Really bad couple of weeks here. First Oakley cut her shoulder on July 27th. Vet out and she got stitched up, looking pretty good now. And then last Saturday Folly cut her self in the exact same place on her shoulder!! Ridiculous!! Cannot figure out what they cut themselves on, but Chris and Kyle gave me a huge hand and we put up a bunch of new sheets of tin and some plywood. Folly's is really bad. Cut a muscle in half and took the vet an hour just to stitch her back up. I must say Greg did an amazing job of restoring it. As long as it does not get infected it will be fine. Another huge thankyou to Chris for taking the time to hose her down twice a day. Without that morning wash she would take allot longer to heal.
     And then Sally came up lame when she developed scratches. It has been extremely wet here and with her huge feathers we did not see what was happening. She also is on the mend.
     Developing the two properties is coming along. Second septic was installed yesterday and the second well last week. Today Emile is trenching to run the power lines and water lines. I've been busy building skirting, decks and fencing. Love doing this work, wish I could do it all the time. Just wish I had more time. Nothing new there.
     Jason, Andrea and friends of theirs are arriving this weekend and Roland is hoping to get the garage siding put on.
     Robyn was in the area this weekend and advised she now has a two year old son! It was his birthday so they borrowed Peggy to entertain the little ones.
     Attended Jason's grad and was so proud of him for averaging above 90!! Way to go Jay!
     We were hoping to head to Cody, Wyoming with my mom, but had to change plans after Oakley cut herself. Instead we hung around the house and Roland got caught up on all the grass cutting that could not be done due to all the rain we had. Kyle came over and gave me a hand to do a bunch of fencing and mom got to be the gopher!
     Tracey and her husband came out Sunday (while the vet was here and we were doctoring Folly - Thankyou for your understanding!!) to do an allergy test with the Curlies. His allergies are so bad he can't be within a hundred yards of a horse and needless to say they were thrilled that he just had a bit of a sniffle after spending an hour with trusty 'ole Pall. They left a bag of their home roasted coffee with us that we will try when Roland gets home. Check them out
     And the craziest news - We ARE going to Africa!! Cherylee and I have been emailing daily and arranging to get her two of our wonderful Siberian kitties and she is excitedly booking safari's for us all in Krueger National Park. It still does not seem real! But our flights are booked, working out the final details for the kitties, and we will be in South Africa in a couple of months!! Cannot believe how much her and I have in common. Almost creepy. She's an artist that does amazing paintings. Has a farm where we will learn how to fly fish, which I have always admired. (She is a Champion fly fisher for South Africa!) Her husband sails and dives. She got married last year. Just all too weird.
06/14/2011      Busy getting the two other properties developed. Lots of work to be done getting the pads leveled, graveled and ready for the double wide mobiles to arrive. Septic arranged, one well drilled, power looked after, movers very difficult to get to commit to dates. Now it is suppose to rain for a week, so will be more delays.
     Reilly and Sasha escaped two weeks ago. Spring is in the air. Secured them only to find out Reilly escaped again today.
     Czarina also escaped and was missing for two days, she is now back with her friends. Even the kitties are restless!
     Hoping to enter into the Warburg and Breton parades.
     Found a wonderful lady in Vancouver that would like Chayana to live with her. Will probably deliver her next month.
05/30/2011      Updated the new pictures page.
     Posted our new Gypsy baby Tighan's pictures here.
     Posted our new Gypsy baby Rhiana pictures here.
     Posted parade pictures here.
     Folly is over visiting JJ for last week. Hopefully we will finally get our first full blood Irish Draught baby.
     Chayana is all healed and doing very well. Katrina, Princess, Nakeala and Chayline have new baby kittens.
     Ryley escaped Thursday morning. Headed miles North! Thankfully we have amazing neightbors and they captured him in their round pen. He was not impressed to be coming back to his corral. He actually undid himself in the trailer and somehow got on the other side of the divider and was standing there facing me when I opened the trailer door.
     Another big thankyou to my renters for giving me a hand to set up all the panels so our studs can be out on grass. Would have taken me two days to get done what we did in an hour. Thankyou.
05/09/2011      Finally a half decent day on Sunday! Chris, Linda and the whole gang gave me a hand and we got all the horses caught and dewormed. Trimmed up Paddycakes and little Peggy. Kept Folly, Lady, Chautise and Sairaphena up and got them trimmed today along with Charles thanks to the help of Chris! Never would have got them done without everyone pitching in. So good to start getting back on track. Kyle took Charles out for a little trail ride tonight with Jessica. Holly's due date is this coming weekend, very excited about that!
     Long night Friday. Our Siberian kitty Chayana was trying to have her kittens and nothing was happening! Finally found a vet in Edmonton that would take us in and off we headed at 8 PM. They gave her some drugs to try and induce her, I massaged her belly for an hour, but to no avail. So at midnight they decided that she needed to have a C-section. Left her there and drove the hour drive back home, only to be back at 7 AM to pick her up. Sadly when they put momma cats under they also have to put their kittens under and they were not able to save them. But Chayana is doing great, even though she is very sad not to have any babies to look after. She is the best mom we have ever had.
04/26/2011      Extremely interesting weeekend submerged in Civil War history at Gettysburg and Fairfield Pennsylvania. Was Roland's birthday weekend and he wanted to see the Martin guitar factory. So off we headed and what a great time we had. Even I, not really a war buff, was fascinated with it all.
     Pictures of our trip to Gettysburg here.
04/19/2011      FOUR more inches of SNOW on the weekend!!! This is really getting annoying!! It's the middle of April already and we haven't had an ounce of Spring!!

     Everything was finally starting to melt a bit, and then whamb! hit with another blizzard. This is the longest, coldest winter for many a year. And we have never seen this much snow for over 20 years!

     Poor Baxter wonders what happened to his happy hunting grounds!

     Whizkas had a lovely little litter on Friday. Right in the bottom of Roland's closet! How she fit in there is beyond me, and how she had a litter amongst his boots and sandels is a miracle. they are all alive and well, and comfortable now!
04/13/2011      TWO more inches of SNOW today!! This is ridiculous!! Had Reo come out with his cat yesterday because the snow that slid off the arena roof was still 5 feet high!! He got the corral all plowed out and now the water that accumulated inside the arena can drain. Just when we thought we were finally going to see some spring we wake up to another winter wonderland. What the heck gives here?? It's the middle of April already.
     Moved Holly and Kiandra to the jumping field on the weekend. Holly is suppose to be due in two weeks, but she does not look any where near ready to foal. Hope she is still pregnant! That would be very sad if she not. She was preg checked before leaving for Canada and confirmed in foal, so hopefully she is just a late foaler. She is bred to a direct Lion King son, so we would really love to see that combination.
     Found out there is a Gypsy Vanner Horse Association fair in Ontario this fall, will definetly make plans to attend that.
     Interesting thing happened. A lady from Africa, Cherylee, contacted me on facebook to ask if we ever delivered kittens to Africa! That is just to weird. While I was in Germany I saw some amazing photo's of horseback riding with elephants, zebra's, giraffes and water buffalo. When I got home I told Roland our next big trip will be riding the desert in Africa. So I told Cherylee, who know's, maybe it is meant to be! Then we got chatting and could not beleive all the things we have in common. What a small world it really is.
03/25/2011      Actually got the story put together for my trip overseas to deliver Ambrosia, Golden Girl and Kresky to Germany! .
     We will be going to Fultonvale again this year to show off our Curlies and Gypsies!! If you wish to join us Please let us know. It is May 28th- 29th by Sherwood Park, Alberta.
03/22/2011      That was alot of travel in a weekend! It's Tuesday morning and I was in 5 countries in the last 5 days, spent, maybe 8 hours in bed since Thursday, just drove home from Calgary at 3 AM this morning in a blizzard, they shut down the highway just as I got off, but sure was worth it. Was SUPER to see Franzi and Ramona again, and of course the horses!! Will put a story up tomorrow.
03/18/2011      We have had THE worst and longest winter I can remember. It is only -10 here again this morning and we have so much snow it is crazy. Bad for the horses in quarantine because it warmed up a bit last weekend and made the corral muddy and now I can't bath them because it is too cold. As Karen said, at least the owners will know they were not coued up in a little stall for the last month!
     Hissy had her kittens yesterday. Three little gems. and Czarina had hers last Friday. We've had very small litters with our new male, Charluzka. Princess Annie only had one and the rest were all litters of just two. Rebecca, the lady that sent us Charles, said that becasue Charles only has an allergen count of two he will have smaller litters. Price we pay to have the best hypo-allergenic kitties I guess.
03/17/2011      Kresky, Ambrosia and Golden Girl are finished their quarantine tomorrow and we head to Germany! Can' wait to see Franzi and Ramona again. Will be another super rushed visit though. Arrive there around 8PM Saturday night and leave at 2PM on Monday. Franzi has offered to have me picked up at the airport and will make sure I get to see the HUGE Equitanna Equine exhibition!! It only happens every couple of years so I am very excited to see that. THANKYOU Franzi!!
     Star came up lame on the weekend. Have no idea what that was all about. Hopefully it was just a slip on the ice (which we have way too much of)
     Chris and Linda have been trying to figure out who all the horses are. Even I still have some trouble with our two new gypsies. But MAYBE next month it will warm up and we can actually spend some time with the horses again. We got another 3 inches of snow today. This is definetly a record. The snow that slid off of the arena roof is now level with the arena roof. That is going to be a mess when it all melts.
     Old Princers is certainly feeling his oats. he is in the best shape ever. Actually gave me a super hard time to trim his feet last month. I think one of his girls must have been in heat or something for he certainly was not the Prince we know and love. Maybe it's just because he's feeling so great. Either way we are thrilled that he is looking so wonderful.
01/07/2011      Happy New Year to all!! Wishing everyone the best in 2011 and may you fulfill all your dreams and be surrounded by friends and family!!
     We had a fantastic Christmas. Roland had to work so I drove the 6 hours to spend Christmas eve with him after having Christmas supper with my step son's family. Was a scary drive, very icy and snowing. Almost put the truck in the ditch just past Westlock. Truly had a guardian angel with me the rest of the trip. Soft glowing in the cab of the truck, one of those miracle moments. Arrived back home Sunday and of course had to do the Boxing Day shopping. We are both set now for more fantastic diving. Fins, masks, snorkles, wet suits and Roland has his BCD. Plus we now have a dive computer, so no excuses for not making my saftey stops anymore.
     Saturday Nancy and the girls arrived and with the help of Kyle and Chris we got all the babies weaned. Weather suppose to be nice for the next week, so the timing was right. Got heights and a bunch of hair samples of the mini's for some people overseas.
     New years eve we got a phone call that Prince was down. Dashed over to find that he had broken the bottom rail of the corral, escaped underneath, galloped down the fence line and back, only to wipe out on the pile of rails we had stacked for fixing the fences. He was totally cast. Could not get his feet back under himself and had struggled for awhile and quit. Thankfully Roland and I had just put his blanket on the night before. With the help of Chris and Kyle it still took us 3 hours to get him back on his feet. He was not looking good. Bad sign of the pink mucous from his nostrils, breathing was very raspy and he was totally shaking. Walked him for an hour, as reluctant as he was to move. Checked him every half hour and drugged him up. By morning he was bit better. Still not moving, just standing in the corner for support. Brought Golden Girl in for company and that livened him up a bit. After more drugs and staying warm I am happy to report that he is back to his old self again. Thankyou Lord!! What a loss it would be to have him gone.
     Roland and I had an amazing trip to Cozumel. I got in 7 dives and Roland 5. Loved it. so amazing. Not sure I would want to go back there again though. The current is very strong and takes alot of effort to stay together. Saw an amazing turtle eating corral with a huge fish! My underwater camera worked wonderfully and we have many great shots to remember the trip by.
     Stardust has gone to his new home and Nakeisha should be leaving this weekend. Brought Holley and Kiandra back to the stables. Was going to take some horses to winter pasture, but we have had alot of snow here this year, so best to keep everyone close to home.
     Marengo has sold in Germany. Franzi and Ramona thankfully found him a loving home.
11/8/2010      Another excellent evening. Nancy and her girls were out, Jessica and Kyle and we worked all 6 horses. Trimmed Montana for Jess and Goliat and Phleap were rode on their own! Planning to do one more training blitz this weekend and then most of them can be turned out for the winter. Stardust will probably head home with Nancy, Nakeisha will have to wait untill next month before she can be weaned. And more big news I forgot - Roland officially purchased Nikey. They bonded while doing our first halter breaking session and Roland calls him Ringo! How appropriate is that??!!
11/2/2010      Our fall weather is better than ever. Plus 15 tomorrow! Getting lots done, love it. Phleap is doing awesome in his training. Goliat is sold and also in training. Manly is the upcoming superstar, so gentle. Antiqua has Sally's personality. And Lucky Lady has big horse syndrome. Briggs and Starfire have been turned out for the winter. Hopefully our weather hangs in for one more week and we can get everyone really going before winter.
     Have our whole winters supply of hay in the yard. First time in many years. With all the bad hay around we were looking at close to $40,000 for hay. But one of our customers at work came through with excellent bales at almost a quarter of the price!! Thankyou Kelly and Kerry Peck!!
     Finished wiring our quonset, garage almost done. Kitty house all heated and ready for winter. Stock tank at the cabin to be plumbed and wired this week. Have the new road and well done on the next 40 acres, just trying to figure out the financing so we know what to put on it for a home.
10/11/2010      I keep waiting untill I have time to paste pictures to post news and have come the the realization that just isn't going to happen anytime soon. so here is some news
     Last weekend Raquel, Roland and I have a super fantastic trip to Nova Scotia. Took in Peggys Cove, Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. Our friends there gave us a wonderful, momorable trip in an ultralite airplane. Absoulutely out of this world. I want one! Pilot flew right now the river at New Germany, so low we were below the power lines!! What a rush.
     This weekend we started construction on the new house. We have decided to list our log home for sale so we can make our plans to build our final log home in the mountains come true.
     Tons of help this weekend. We got all the horses dewormed, lots trimmed, the foals halter broke, Phleap had his first ride under saddle, Goliat is sold to Jacky and she is thrilled, Nancy and her girls helped all weekend and they got to train their addition, Nakeisha, Cookies filly. Irabella, Nellie and Brigadier were saddled for their first time. Was a very full weekend.
     Wonderful Thanksgiving supper on Saturday with Chandra, Ron, Sharalynn, Chris, Chloe, Reo and Sandra. Sat around the fire untill 1 AM then guitar playing after that. Little Chloe broke my heart when she requested I play Twinkle, Twinkle little star on my guitar and then gazed at me star struck! She even clapped! Now if that does not tug at ones heart strings, nothing will.
     Nancy and her girls have also purchased Stardust. They also drew pictures of Major and Nikemew. Very talented!!
9/27/2010      Really nice weekend. Finally got out to work with some horses. Nancy, Makenzie and Brodie have purchased Stardust and Nakeisha. They are going to help with some training for a bit. Makenzie and Brodie have allergies and were out to test a couple of weeks ago and thrilled when they had no reaction! Jacky also came out this weekend to test her allergies and fell in love with Goliat.
9/1/2010      September already, where did that go? Raining again today, like very second day for the last 4 months. Corrals are a disaster.
     Jay put Paddycakes in with Reilly today as he thought he saw her in heat. So Keelah was very happy to dash out with the herd.
     Found a new plumber today, hopefully get our new stock tank installed before the snow flies.
     Agape has been doing terrific in his training. His owners will be stopping by to take him home tomorrow.
8/22/2010      2010 Canadian Derby on Saturday. LOVE it, just way too much excitment and energy to miss that one. Pics on current pic page.
8/16/2010      Have a bunch of wonderful pictures finally loaded for you to look at!
     Our newest additions to the stables were loaded into the trailer this morning ready to make their way to Canada! First they have to have a ferry ride to get to Seattle, then 2 days from now they should arrive. We are extremely excited to get these two Gypsy Vanner girls and bring in the Lion King bloodlines to Canada.
     Roland's son taking his first trail ride at the stables Brandon Trail Ride.
     Our fairytale wedding WEDDING.
     Jason's wedding gift to us, a Flight over the stables.
     Check out the newest pics link above for some baby pics and stories.
7/19/2010      STAMPEDE pictures
7/9/2010      Ramona had a good session with Ambrossia last night, also rode Keemah, Stardust and she is starting Kresky and another curly boy.
     Planted 180 of the 360 seedlings that Don gave us for a wedding present! 5 years from now you might be able to find them in the grass on our mountain!
     I am changing my name to Mrs. Jean. Just have to figure out the necessary steps involved. will probably keep a hyphenation on the internet for searches.
     Life is GREAT!!
7/6/2010      Just as we thought, 6 months of preparation and it's over already! But what a WOW!! Was really a picture perfect day. Started out extremely windy and cloudy, then an hour before the wedding it was sunny and gorgeous. Just as we took the last of the pictures it poured! Was awesome. Pictures by the weekend, I promise.
     So now that the hitchin is done we can get back to normal with the horses. Golden Girl had a wonderful curly colt this morning. Cookie has a beautiful pinto curly filly, a real looker, white and brown with some black in her tail. Sally had another filly with an almost all white baby, just a bit of black on her chest and face, but no albino eyes. and our mini kit had smooth coat colt.
     Today is deworming for everyone and Manly was gelded. Roland and his son Brandon went for a short little ride this morning before Brandon had to head back to Victoria. Roland led the way on Pall and Brandon rode Star, Ramona on Keemah and Jen on Stardust.
6/22nd/2010      And yet another first, over a month and a half without an update. Still off work with the blood clot to my leg. Not doing too bad though.
     Reidun arrived from Norway last Thursday, she was busy painting the arbour for three days! So wonderful to see her again. She could not beleive the changes in the 6 years since she has been in Canada.
     Jason and Jean Ross levelled all the concrete for our new sidewalks a month ago and last week they floated the entire patio deck!!It looks way to awesome. Roland brought in 3 truck loads of red shale and Chandra helped get the pond circulating last weekend. It's all coming together, finally. Jason is filling in the front flowerbeds today and Roland is watering the 125 trees that we had moved 3 weeks ago. The last of Rolands humoungous wood pile was stacked in the new wood shelter today. That was a huge amount of work.
     No new babies yet. Our two new Gypsy horses are being preg checked on the 9th of July and then will be making their way to Canada.
     Company starts arriving next Friday from Eastern Canada and Germany. Will probably have 15 camper units set up in our yard for the big celebration.
     Charissa found a wonderful, loving home. Annie and Mac will be heading to British Columbia. Golden Girl and Ambrossia to Germany. Cookie heading West. Lady and Lacey back to Kim.
5/9th/2010      OH MY, that is a first. Over a month without an update. Lots of reasons, busy, by surgery, weather, and doing two years of income tax since I've just been sittin around!!
     Trip to Europe went very well. Horses all travelled great. 10 hour delay to start off our journey in Calgary though. Will try to post a bunch of catch up pics ASAP.
     Fury went to Ryley with Mr. Big and Blaze. They all loaded awesome!! So super when we can see the horses head to a new home with their friends.
     Charrisa's puppies are all spoken for. Last one leaves on Sunday. What a bunch of chubby, happy little ones.
     Lots of kittens happening. Have 30 reservations and Shajana, Czarina, Pansy, Annie and Nakeala have all had theirs and Chayana will be in a couple of days with Princes to follow shortly. Have a new male kitten that we brought up from California, same people we got our very first Siberian from, Chayana. He is so full of character and looks just like our Denny. Have even slipped and called him Denny a time or two.
     So much to do before the wedding. Tomorrow John, Cam and Kim are arriving from BC to build our lean to and finish off some tin work and log trim. Jason, Roland's son, and his friend John Ross have been coming up from Calgary to help out. Tonight they arrive and will be here for two full days!! Should be able to get lots done in the both of the gardens. It's starting to look like something already. Should be ready to pour some concrete by Tuesday.
     Huge, terrible snow storm last week. Shut down highway two. Jason had to stay over and miss work. Was a bonus for me though! We got half of the main floor bathroom ceiling finished and Jason and John Ross split the rest of the wood before his dad got home.
     Bob Cole out today, terrible weather, raining/snowing, cold with a terrible wind. But he got Briggs gelded and trimmed up 10 horses. Roland and I were trucking through a foot of mud after the big storm and had a real work out.
     Yesterday awakened at 5:30 to my phone ringing. Couldn't find it but figured the only reason someone would phone was because we had horses out. Sure enough, there was Annie with a dozen friends on the road. Herded them with the truck and got them in, Latte wouldn't follow because her mom, Star, was still inside the field. After some fancy driving she finally headed down the fence line beside mom and went in. When I got back I checked my phone to see who had called and it was a 705 exchange, Ontario??!! Hit 1 to check my messages but dialed the number instead, and here it was my niece Debbie in Ontario! Her friend from Sunnybrook was driving by, saw our horses out, didn't know my number and called her, so she called me all the way from Ontario to tell me we had horses out!! Crazy, eh!
     Ramona is going to be one of our bridesmaids for the wedding, and she is super excited. Ordered her dress on Friday.
     Ambrosia is sold, going to be bred to Sasha before leaving for Europe. Golden Girl is also sold, going to have her foal and then be bred to Sasha also before heading overseas. Amber was not bred, so will not be having a foal this year. Oreo is sold to Reo. People coming to check out Stardust in a couple of weeks.
     Princers is doing awesome. Bob Cole remembered him from two years ago when he was on deaths door and could not beleive he was the same horse. He actually turned his butt to me today as there were some girls in heat around. He's NEVER had enough spunk to challenge me! Even though it wasn't a nice thing to do it was wonderful to see him with so much energy.
     Have two new Vanners that will be arriving in a couple of months. They are going to be bred to two different, awesome stallions, next month. Have another new Vanner we brought up from Tennesse.
4/6/2010      Lots of news! Mr. Big and Blaze are heading to Ryley this weekend. Lloyd stopped by and was looking for a horse for his grand niece and nephew and choose these two wonderful boys for the lucky children!! We know they are going to have a very loving and wonderful home. Had an excellent visit with Lloyd and he insists that we must stop in Ryley at the Harness shop while we are there. Told him afraid to do that as we will spend all our money!
     Jason and his niece and nephew were out on the weekend and we had a super visit. The kids loved the horses, got to see new kittens only 2 days old and Charisa's puppies!
     I'm limping around with my cast fairly well. Ended up having a blood clot in my leg and Chandra spend the entire day with me from 9 AM untill 10:30 PM last Wednesday. Have to get a needle everyday, and on blood thinners for the next 6 months!! At least they figured out why I was in so much pain.
     Made a quick trip to Victoria to see Pat about some wedding plans. Stopped to have a super visit with Roland's son while we there. Had an excellent supper in quaint seafood restaurant on the harbour. Complete with a guitarist playing background music. Wonderful evening. Took a ferry and the sun shone the entire trip. Not sure how that alwasy happens for us when we need it. The forecast for the entire weekend was rain, but the ferry ride was gorgeous, magical.
     Heading to Germany on Monday with Chico, Senza and Chelsea. Will be a very quick trip since I'm not mobile enough to do much.
3/16/2010      Federal vet out today to check the horses in quarantine. Chico, Chelsea and Senza will be flying over the ocean next month!!
     I'm going in to have my knee rebuilt on Friday, so lessons will be starting up late this year. Sorry to everyone that has already inquired and wanting to take advantage of this wonderful weather!
     John and Cam arrived from British Columbia to put together our little sleeping cabin. FINALLY, 5 years after I bought the logs, we will have our little addition built. And as usual, they are doing a wonderful job. It is going to be very quaint and cute!
3/11/2010      Trimming up little Peggy's feet last night and looked up to see a horse loose in the yard. But it was not one horse, but the entire herd!! I had closed the gate, but not latched it and Pall was hanging around, obviously just waiting for his opportunity! Was dark by the time we were chasing horses through the jumping field, in front of the house, up the laneway, down the laneway. Thankfully Roland was able to keep them from going on the highway. Could not beleive that the snow was still a foot deep in the fields! That was a work out.
3/8/2010      Finally got the pictures from our Texas trip posted.
     Texas pictures.
     Spring must be in the air! Was 12 degrees here on Saturday, a gorgeous day. Princers escaped and he was running and squealing and just having a grand time. Was awesome to see him feeling that great.
3/3/2010      Finally got the pictures from our Mexico trip posted.
     Mayan Riviera pictures.
3/2/2010      Deanna is tardy!! but she has good reason, really!!
     Just got back from 5 awesome days in Texas!! Gave Roland tickets to a Willie Nelson concert for Valentines Day, that just happened to be in Texas, down by the Mexican border, and only 8 miles from where my mom spends the winter! It was FANTASTIC!! Flew 6,000 miles, drove 3,000 km, and had a blast. Was 74 degrees Friday when we got to stroll around San Antonio Texas. Saw the Alamo, waltzed the riverwalk, went to the Buckhorn Saloon and museum. Saturday was Willy, LIVE! And did he ever look and sound awesome. Who would believe he is 78 years old. Couple of days with mom and Rachelle. Crossed the Rio Grande on the last hand operated ferry. Then over to Brownsville, South Padre Island and up to Kingsville to tour the King Ranch. Whirlwind tour, and as usual, great to be home. Our new girl arrived from Virginia while were gone. Pictures soon.
1/27/2010      You know what. Three years after Major passed away and I still miss him. So many times I expect to see him standing in the field. I went out to call the horses in the other day and I almost hollered "Come on Maj!". I guess when someone is a part of your life for 28 years the healing can take longer than you would expect. Went online and read my tribute to him and still ended up balling my eyes out. What a horse.
     Not much happening with the rest of the horses this time of year. Just keep feeding them!! Princers is still doing awesome. Knocks Roland off his feet every time he feeds him. They have a sparing match and Prince always wins. Roland starts out scratching Prince's withers and Prince always wants more and won't let him leave the stall.
1/15/2010      Bob Langrish arrived from England yesterday and WOW! did we have a great day.
     Photo Shoot pictures.
1/11/2010      So we go from minus 30 to PLUS SIX yesterday and today! It's great to have the warmer weather. Finally installed the door handle in the garage!
     Saturday I ran the skid steer from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening!! So much snow to move. Got the stables all plowed out and looking good. Load of hay arrived at noon, got that all stacked. Most of the cabin is now plowed out to. Could hardly walk by the end of the day!
     Decided to move some horses over the pasture. Spent an hour digging out and cleaning off the truck. Got it started, moved out to higher ground, cleaned out the tack room, got the doors opened, rounded up 10 halters and lead ropes and went to catch horses. Spring fever was obviously in the air!! Everyone was running with tails in the air and full of life! The snow slide off the arena roof and blocked my normal capture area. So after another hour the only horse I had that I wanted was Mac!! Finally gave up and it will have to wait until next weekend when I have some help.
1/8/2010      MINUS 30 yesterday! Yuck, enough already!! Now the forecast is for PLUS 6 on Monday! Make up your mind!! Or no, it's okay, we'll just take all the plusses you send our way!!
     More hay arriving tomorrow. These prices are killing us! Plus since it's so cold the horses are eating way more. What was $30 hay is now $110!! And we need 200 more bales now! Yikes.
     Posted some really cute pics from Hannah on the pics page, plus some from Lynn and Franzi. Enjoy.
1/4/2010      Wow, 2010! Can you beleive that. Where the heck is the time flying to. Remember being in school and thinking it was unreal to even think of 2000, now here it is 2010.
     We had a super Christmas and wonderful new years. All is well on the homefront.
     Finally got Jenny and kit's feet trimmed on the weekend. Feeders all filled. Skid steer broke down when I lent it a neighbor, so as soon as we get it back will have alot of snow to move at the stables. Hopefully more hay arriving this weekend.
     Vet coming tomorrow to preg check some of the mares. Will be interesting.
     Going to see Blue Rodeo with my daughter on Friday, that will be very fun. She's booked us for a full day course of horse photography in Olds for May, that will be extremely interesting.
     Some new pics on the pics page. Still working on the Mexico pics.
12/27/2009      I was in the grace of an angel over Christmas. Was fortunate to spend Christmas eve with a very special lady. She has fought cancer for the last number of years. 3 weeks ago while we were away enjoying the sunshine and having fun, this lady was rushed to emergency and had part of her stomach removed. They didn't think she was going to make it and her son and his wife were called back from thier holiday to pay thier last respects. But she survived that.
     She insisted that she was going to keep the family tradition and have Christmas eve supper. That morning she had to return to the hospital to have her stomach pumped. She was there for FIVE hours. Her husband is, of course, a saint. He prepared the entire super for 16 people without one fault. (The best gravey ever!!)
     One thought stayed with me more than others from that wonderful evening. One of her grandchildren wanted to take her picture and she said "You don't want a picture of this!", and all I could think was, you are so beautiful. I have tears in my eyes now as I think of how she looked. So angelic, so pure, so true. Just beautiful. She was happy that she had some hair coming back. But she didn't need hair to radiate.
     I only wish I have her courage and strength when faced with lifes real challenges. She was trooper this evening. The children were all very careful not to trip on her oxygen line, made sure she had anything she needed, and stayed by her side. Was truly a magical evening for me to be in her presence. God bless you my dear and may you continue your fight with all the courage you need.
     Have some new pics on the pics page, enjoy, and we wish everyone a very happy and healthy New year. May each and every one of you know the love of another, and have someone to love. For that IS the greatest gift of all.
12/23/2009      Wow, an entire month gone. We spent 2 1/2 weeks in the Mayan Riviera with temperatures of plus 31 everyday. Was one of the best holidays of my life. We spent a week taking the scuba diving course with PADI, and are now certified divers. Did four dives on the corral reefs and then 2 cave dives. While we were gone it was -48 at home! yikes!! Big thanks to John Legault and Jessica Neiman for looking after all our critters while we were away.
     Chelsea is sold. Franzi has found her a wonderful family in Germany. Will be having her preg checked soon, along with Keemah and Golden Girl.
11/20/2009      Thankyou to everyone for your thoughts and your words of encouragement to forge ahead. It is from the emails that tell all the wonderful stories of horses that we have raised over the years that give us the energy and will to carry on. We will be cutting our herd back this year due to the outrageous hay prices, but we will still carry on our breeding that we have carefully developed over the last 25 years. We will also look to continue with our breeding of the amazing Gypsy Vanner horses.
     Looks like our wonderful sport horse Curly, Chelsea, may be heading over to Europe. And possibly our amazing, black, Friesian sport horse curly, Ambrosia. Franzi is talking of coming back from Germany late spring and Ramona for the summer. We have 8 two year olds to get started this summer, so that will give the girls lots to do.
     Reo and his gang have built all new fence for us around the outside parameter of our quarter section. They are now working on putting up the dividing lines for the subdivisions. No more horses getting out!!
     Have renters for our house now. Not horse oriented, but they pay the bills.
11/17/2009      How to start. Guess we were due for a weekend that was not great. Saturday morning the door bell rang at 6:30, so you know it is not good news. Appeared Annie had had opened the gate to the jumping field and took Chance with her. Not a big deal, except she decided to tour Sunnybrook and trusting Chance did not have any fear to get out of the way of an oncoming truck. The speed limit is only 50kmh, there is a street light there, but the trucker hit him so hard he didn't stop for a hundred yards. The police figure he was going in excess of 100kmh. The good thing is no one was hurt, and Chance did not suffer. Only ever seems to happen to the "good" horses. Chance was to be Roland’s friend for the next 30 years. He was quiet, trusting, gorgeous and everybody’s friend. There was no reason for them to leave the corral, they had hay and water. 'Twas partially my fault as I did not tie the gate shut and knew Annie could get out if she wanted to. but did not think she would want to. Times like this I wish to sell every single horse to not go through these thoughts. Sorry my friend, so very, very sorry.
11/8/2009      Another great, productive weekend. Roland and John got the roof tined on the garage, so at least it is ready for the snow to fly. Still needs siding and the doors and windows installed, but that can be done in the dark now.
     I got Princes' barn all cleaned out and ready for winter. He said thanks!
     Reo came by and helped us deworm all the horses. Went extremely well. Got pictures of Chelsea for Franzi, who is pretty sure she is sold. Going to do some video of Ambrosia for her.
     Some people that purchased a horse off of us this summer were having major problems with her. They said she was kicking and being very, very bad. So I told them to come back with her (no names, don't want them feeling bad), a 6 hour drive for them! The horse they purchased was an older mare that we had used in camps and lessons, so I was very surprised by their reports. When they arrived I put the mare in the round pen for 5 minutes and saw the lack of respect instantly. After another 10 minutes she was standing still while I picked up her feet, and 5 minutes later I had the owners in picking up her feet. They were flabergasted that they were able to do this. I went over some of the herd dinamics and what I thought had happened over the last couple of months. Just kept having the repeat everything we were doing a bunch of times and going over their body position and how fast/slow they approach a horse. Safe spots, and reading intent. They left happy and I only hope I hear from them sooner if they do have any more problems. but I really don't think they will. Love it when I see it work.
     Company from Nova Scotia last weekend. Super, super visit. Lots of laughter and as always, not enough time.
     Fellow that purchased Stormy turned out to be a real, big time, jerk. I don't think I've ever spooken poorly of anyone on my websites, but this fellow took the cake. Kim, our trucker, forgot the papers for Stormy in her office. So when Stormy arrived he accused us (not sure why he included our trucker) of being a bunch of frauds, etc., etc. Threatened he was going to sue us and that he "obviusly" had the money to take it to the end!! Guess he figured he had a nice looking house or something. On his defence he's retired and in a wheelchair, so I guess that is how he entertains himself, by threatening people.
     Haven't heard from the people that purchased Mysty. Mysty had been heaving the last couple of years, so was time for her to go to someone that could give her the extra attention she required.
     Still waiting for our skidsteer to be repaired. Would have been nice to capitalize on the weather this weekend and get the driveway levelled and the garage entrance done. Oh well!! Still waiting for the 48 hours in a day!!
10/25/2009      Airetina, Blaze and Marky all went to their new homes on the weekend. Was a really full couple of days. Got the walls framed for the garage and the trusses up. Not bad for 14 hours of real work.
     Interviewed some people for renting the old house. Think we found a match.
     As usual, one step forward and two steps back! Moved about 20 rocks from the HUGE pile that Reo had delivered and the wheel fell right off of the skid steer. So that will be out of operation for a few weeks.
10/23/2009      Pictures from my Weekend in Ontario
10/20/2009      That was a full weekend! Wednesday night headed to Falun to pick up the vet papers for Stormy to cross the border. Bad snow storm, got stuck in the vets driveway twice! Thursday night the trucker was suppose to be here for 6 but never arrived untill 11. LT and Carrie loaded like a dream and Stormy loaded himself. Love it.
     Friday morning up at 5:30, load a kitten to take with me to the airport for Vancouver. Get halfway to the airport and realize that I forgot to send the vet papers with Stormy!! He can't cross the border without them! Call Kim and tell her what's happening. Get the papers leave them outside my office. Drop the kitten at the cargo center, call work and ask them to courier the papers to Kim. Board the plane for Toronto with only 5 minutes to spare!!
     Arrive in TO at 2:30. Meet up with my niece Caitlin and Sergio and finally get to meet their two children. Have a fantastic super with them at the Mandarin restaurant. Head off to Oshawa to see my second cousin, Cathy, that I haven't seen in 31 years!!! Stuck on the 401 for TWO hours!! Then drive up to Woodview to my dads and get there at 11:30. As usual he has the fire going and fresh baking waiting.
     Up early and go for a walk, the fall colours are wonderful. Love it at dads, on the lake, quiet and peaceful. Then it's off to Lakefield to pick up mom and a three hour drive to Perth for my niece's wedding. The weather co-operated somewhat, no snow! Was wonderful to see everyone.
     Meet everyone for breakfast Sunday morning, then it's back to Lakefield, goodbye to mom, stop at my brothers then an hour up to Buckhorn to my sisters. Then 2 hours to Whitby to my other cousins and have a very nice super with her. Up at 6 Monday morning and catch the big bird back home. Stop at work and catch up on some paper work then finally home to sleep in my own bed again. Sitka missed me, she was waiting at the door when I arrived and never left my side. Baxter and Shilo were jumping so high I'm sure they could have cleared the car!
     Have a lady very interested in Stardust. Sounds like they will be a very good match.
     Reo is getting a load of rocks dropped off today, hopefully it doesn't freeze and I can get them placed before winter sets in.
     Had the culvert delivered last Thursday so now we can get that finalized. Reo is going to put it in for us.
     Everything is delivered for our garage, the concrete pad is set. Had some fellows out and they got the cats house all skirted in, ready for winter!
10/13/2009      Star had her baby yesterday!! Was a bit dark out, but a pretty little sorrel smooth coat with a star just like mom.
     Got woke up just after midnight by the RCMP, a horse was out on the road. Gee, wonder who that could be!! None other than our escape artist, Annie, who is now locked in the corral.
     Full and fun weekend. Savanah left on Saturday. Scott arrived with his girl friend to check out horses on Friday, came back Sunday to see LT and Keemah again.
     Wonderful Thanksgiving super on Sunday, Everyone was home!!
     Thankyou to everyone for the Birthday wishes, not sure I can than all of you individually, but will certainly try.
     Got to chat and video with Ramona, finally, on Sunday. Was a hoot to see her and do a Yeggy toast! She got Marengo to Germany from Denmark safe and sound. Thankyou for that Ramona!! She says he is gorgeous and asked her mom if she can have TWO horses!! LOL, don't think that one will fly.
     Lots of interest in horses now that we have dropped our prices due to the increased hay costs this year. Looks like we could find new homes for close to 15 horses in the next couple of weeks!!
     Funny thing happened Saturday when we were heading to town to pick up groceries. Roland went out the start the truck and when Raquel and I came out we could hear a kitten crying. Told Roland to shut off the truck and found a gorgeous calico kitty under the hood!! She's so friendly she must be somebodies pet. Hopefully someone will claim her soon as we can't keep her in the house due to the allergy situation!!
10/06/2009      Last night I walked our 150 acres for an hour looking for our little Peggy for a lesson. Never did find her! Must have one heck of a good hiding place. Little Sydney was happy though, she got to ride Oakley for her lesson. First time for her on a BIG horse and she did fantastic.
     Hopefully Ramona will be able to head to Denmark on Sunday to pick up our Marengo and bring him over to Germany. Will be nice to find a home for this lovely boy.
     Vet out today to take the blood sample from Stormy so he can head south next week. Savanah will be leaving bright and early Sunday morning also. Have people interested in our Foxtrotters. Will be nice to reduce the herd before winter with these feed prices.
     Lindsey stopped by on Sunday and we had a nice visit. Too cold and windy out to walk around and visit the horses though. She really wanted to see Andee again, next time.
     Reo has some rocks lined up for us for our front yard!! He figures there will be FOUR full gravel trucks of rocks!! Yippie!! Time for fun.
     Princess had her litter on the 4th. Was a bit chilly so set up all our automatic heaters. Had to change the main thermostat as it was faulty. Good thing we have our wood heater as the power was out on Sunday also!
09/27/2009      Friday evening we all attended my staff BBQ and had a very enjoyable evening. Saturday morning saw many a tear as Ramona loaded up Curly and her and her mom headed back to Germany.
     Placed a bunch of rail road ties today, front yard is finally starting to take shape. Calling for a low of -5 in a couple of days so hopefully can get a bit more done before the snow flies.
     Reidun arrives from Norway next weekend!! Wow, will be super to see her again. She wants to make sure she rides Oakley while she is here.
     Karen and Marian are talking of coming over the ocean next year also. Would be wonderful to spend a weekend in the mountains with them.
     Going to try and get Marengo back from Denmark and over to Germany for some training. Ramona and Franzi are going to work out a plan to transport him.
09/25/2009      We all enjoyed a wonderful parting super for Ramona and her mom at the Chateau Lacombe. See the pics page.
     Tomorrow Ramona leaves for Germany, and she is not happy about that thought.
     And next week already Reidun will arrive from Norway! Was telling her how it is in the high 20's here and even 30 yesterday, but sounds like she is going to be bringing her snow this way!! YUCK!!
09/21/2009      Another tear day at the stables. Winchester has left for his new home. What a super boy. Really hope to see great things from him in his new home. It's hard to let them go, but sure makes it easier when you know he is going somewhere that will work him and appreciate him. Bye Winny.
     Franzi left on Sunday and Ramona's mom arrived. At the airport for 7, Ramona stayed to wait for her mom to arrive then they headed to the West Edmonton Mall. I stopped to see a friend then bought half a dozen trees and planted them. Finally have an apple tree!! Wanted one forever and now have two 7' trees planted in front of the house. Can't wait for spring blossoms!!
     Super, super weather this week. PLUS 29 today and sunshine!! Best enjoy it for we know the minus is just around the corner.
09/17/2009      Pictures from a fantastic ride on the Strawberry Creek.
     And super news!! Mysty Storm will be heading to California!! A wonderful gentleman, Jeff, contacted us and wanted to surprise his wife, but spilled the beans!! We are thrilled for Stormy, for it certainly sounds like a super home for him
     And-- more super news! Kresky will be heading to Germany one day. She is SOLD!! To Ramona, who is ecstatic!! Congratulations Ramona, your first horse and best friend.
09/16/2009      There's a whole pile of new pics on the pics page. LT had her little angel. Spruce Meadows was a HUGE success. Girls got Mac and Chico jumping. Trail ride tonight. Trimmed Ambrosia, Keelah, Maxx, Mac, Kresky and Stardust last night. Fellow from California interested in Stormy.
     Mondays's are our busy night for lessons. First we have Travis and his mom coming from Leduc. Then Sydney had a super lesson on Peggy, she's ready to move up to Golden Girl now. Then Susan and Claire had an excellent lesson on Oakley and Golden Girl. The girls rode Maxx and Mac.
     Franzi leaves on Sunday already!! That time just flew. Ramona's mom arrives Sunday also. AND - Reidun is stoping by for a quick visit on the 29th. Hoping to make a day trip so she can see Tracy again. Just talked to Telus and they advised we still won't be getting a phone untill 2010!!! What a way to run a company.
09/8/2009      Great weekend. My sister arrived from Ontario and we had a nice family dinner on Sunday with her daughter and her husband and their daughter, plus her son and my daughter! Was great to have everyone together. Little Chloe got to ride her first pony, our dearest Peggy!
     Headed to the Lakedell fair on Saturday and had a wonderful couple of hours. The cowboy shooters were there! So now I have some contact info. Then made the mistake of stopping at the lawn and garden centre. Bought a pond kit and spent Monday playing on the skid steer, digging trenches and holes and moving BIG rocks!
     Visited the western stable that Franzi wishes to work at next year and got invited to come back and ride a cutting horse.
     Delivered a kitten to the airport at 7 Saturday morning heading to Ontario. Their dog just passed away and they already had a kitten from us 2 years ago and were hoping another one might help the children with thier grieving for their lost friend. Jason, from California, also stopped by to take his kitten home.
     Cierra Amberina headed off to her new home south of Calgary. Had a wonderful visit with Lynn. We had way to much in common!
     Franzi rode our new mare yesterday. That was super news!!
     New student Friday for lessons. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, just having trouble fitting in the lessons now since winter is fast approaching and have so many projects I want to finish before the snow flies.
     Wonderful lesson Friday also with Claire and Susan. They rode Golden Girl and Chico. Franzi rode Ambrosia and Ramona Kodiak.
     Trying to get our Irish Draft girl, Folly, inspected for registration. but the inspections are on the same weekend that I head to Ontario for my niece's wedding! Never fails. Finally get organized and something doesn't work.
     And more great news!! Reidun wishes to visit from Norway at the beginning of October. If she comes out we will definetly have to make a trip to Athabasca and visit Tracey!! Just need to see if we can co-ordinate dates.
09/01/2009      Another busy week. John and Cam arrived and finished all the dormers and railings. Now the outside of the cabin is complete. Ramona and Franzi did some staining. I did a bit more with the skidsteer and finished the front sidewalk. Looks great now with the top coat on it. Everyone helped fix fence last night as we had a couple of fence crawlers.
     Lynn arrived from Calgary to check out Amber and Kodiak. Our new Friesian/Trackener mare arrived and she is bred to JJ.
     Three more kittens headed off to their new homes. Czarina had her babies last week.
     The girls had a very busy and productive week. Hard to beleive they will be leaving this month already.
08/24/2009      Ambrosia and Golden Girl went for their first real trail ride today! Ramona and Franzi too them to the Strawberry Creek and they did SUPER!! Golden Girl was perfect, crossed the water first and never faltured once. Ambrosia had a couple of moments of hesitation, but Franzi guided her through.
     Delivered Gold Rush to her lovely new home on the weekend. Wilma found a lovely stable only 10 minutes from her home! Was pretty sad to leave Gold Rush there, but so nice to know she has a wonderful new family.
     Ramona and Franzi are doing a super job this summer. Sure going to miss them when they leave next month! Wow, where did all that time go. But they have full days and making wonderful progress with all the horses in training. So nice to see Reilly, Folly and Keelah under saddle. Sasha and Maxx are coming along also. Kodiak, Ambrosia, Amber, Stardust and Chance are all doing super also.
     Savanah will be heading for her new home shortly. Winchester and Curly Sarah will be leaving next month.
     We will be heading to Spruce Meadows for the 12th and 13th, if you are heading down let us know and we can hook up!
     Spent the weekend preparing our front entrance sidewalk. Concrete arrives today!! Excited. Going to colour it and stamp it, never done that before, so we'll see what we end up with.
     Started preparing some of the registrations for the horses on the weekend. Lots of work to fill out the 18 pages for each horse!!
     Went to the Canadian Derby on Saturday. The girls had fun. Franzi won the first race, Ramona ended up down only 18 dollars. Her best win was on a horse that looked like Kresky! I was down $50 and then won the tractor on the derby! Finished up over $200, so that was a good day.
     Updated some pages on Keemah, Stardust, Golden Girl and Kodiak. Find them on the for sale, trained horses.
08/18/2009      Both Keelah and Folly were ridden for their first time outside yesterday!! Hooray!! Great job Franzi and Ramona. Franzi also has Amber going again, back to where she was when she left. The girls have also put a few rides on Winchester so he is ready for his new owner. Had to corral the mini's as they kept sneaking under the fence and getting on the road. So they went in with Sahsa and lo-and-behold if he didn't breed Patches immediately! Should have some cute little mini's running around next year.
     Hard to beleive the girls are only here for a few more weeks!! Ramona's mom will be arriving from Germany in a couple of weeks and then they will head off to Jasper. Ramona's pooch, Curly, went in for his final vacinations yesterday so he can travel back to Germany with her. Baxter also went in to the vets and is now an it. He bred Charrisa a couple of weeks ago so hopefully she caught and we will have some little part-poodles running around next month.
     Hoping to go to the Canadian Derby Saturday. Any ideas where one can find a Derby hat??? Spruce Meadows coming up quick also.
     Franzi held the ladder for me last night so I could stand on top of it, on top of 2 levels of scaffold and finally put the finishing stain on the logs in the peak of the cabin. Wow, does that put the finishing polish on the front of the cabin. So nice to finally see it with all the lights, tin and logs stained.
     Wilma is coming back today to check Gold Rush. They had a vet scheduled for yesterday but he went to the Sunnybrook Stables west of Edmonton! Not the first time we've been confused with them.
     Brought LT home Monday, she was super thrilled to see all her friends again.
     Received Reilly's papers from the Gypsy Vanner Horse Association, that is wonderful! Now just need to send in Sally and Keelah.
     Contacted the Canadian Irish Draught Society and might be taking Folly in for inspection in October, that will be a first for me. Hopefully chat with Kim before hand and find out what we will have to do.
     Some of our Siberian kittens headed for their new homes on the weekend, one heading to Ottawa on Friday. Pansy and Czarina should both be having a litter in the next few weeks.
08/17/2009      51 years old, just married for the first time last fall, and now he's gone. One never knows, enjoy every moment!!
     Allan Friesen is the very lucky new owner of Satin Savanah!! Lovely Hannah had been emailing for a few months now as she fell in love with Savanah from her pictures and stories on the website. First the allergy test had to be passed and Allan was very surprised when he had no allergic reaction at all to the curlies. He did have a bit of a reaction when they entered the arena with the other horses inside, but none at all to the curlies. So now Savanah has a wonderful new home to go to.
     Roland was home for 3 weeks, where did that go??? He has done a fantastic job of putting up the new rock on the north side of the cabin. Looks very, very professional! I've been busy starting the landscaping at the front of the house. Electrician finished up his part on Friday. Tin is finally all done. John will be arriving in a couple of weeks from Hundred Mile House to finish up the log siding and railings. Slowly but surely coming together.
08/07/2009      Heading to a funeral for a friend of Rolands right away, but started the mountain trip pictures.
07/27/2009      Excellent ride last night with Pall, Oaks and Gold Rush. Ramona and Franzi didn't beleive that Gold Rush is such a good girl! Now they know. Gold Rush never spooks at anything and crossed the bridge, rail road tracks, every thing without hesitation. Was a perfect evening for a ride after 31 degrees on the weekend! Saturday I moved LOTS of dirt with the skid steer, rearranged our future garden in front of the house, levelled the lot behind the house. Sunday I built some shelves in the basement and in the quonset, now we can start to get organized!
     Some really great news -- Winchester gets to remain a stallion!! Kevin and Phyllis of Houston, BC, have purchased him and our lovely Curly Sarah!! Hoorah!! I really did not want to geld Winchester with his amazing temperament, perfect conformation, pedigree that cannot be found anywhere with his triple registration! So we are very thrilled that he will be going to a new home to continue producing his amazing babies. They want Curly Sarah bred to Sasha before she leaves and she just came into heat Friday and went in with our wonder boy.
     Farrier out today to shoe up Golden Girl, Chico and our little Peggy. Andee needs a trim to and we are going to pull the shoes off of Sally so she can visit Reilly. She has heel and toe clips so would hate for her to kick our Irish boy!
     Ordered tires for the truck last week and on Saturday Tom was taking Starfire, Fury, Senza and Phleap to their pasture and on the way home blew a tire on the truck! Now that was timing. Had the big trailer in to fix the axle and finally got a break there to. Didn't need to build a new axle, they just had to straighten it.
     Folly finally joined our string of horses in training and again, the girls were amazed at how sweet tempered she is. Remembered absouletly everything. No fear of anything.
     Updated our Irish pages a bit. Check it out at Our Irish Horses!!
07/22/2009      Finally pics of Calgary Stampede!!
07/20/2009      Another Great Weekend! Finally picked up our driving reins that we had custom made for our training. Headed out at 8:45 Saturday morning and stopped at every Western shop around and Ramona and Franzi found all of the specialty items they were looking for. Bought a wonderful saddle for Roland for the mountains and a slicker and straw hat for myself. Then picked up Chandra and we had some fun at Capital Ex! Rode some crazy rides untill a big electrical storm blew in and they had to shut down all the rides. Was a terrible wind and very dark, black cloud. Hit some hail on the way home and reports of trees down everywhere and a huge canopy collapsed downtown Edmonton. Sunday was a yucky day so oiled up the new saddle a couple of times, fixed the kitchen cabinets and Reo sighted the new parking area and gave me a hand to level it ready for the gravel to arrive today. Ran the skid untill 11 at night and it sure looks better now!!
07/14/2009      Fantastic little session last night. Dropped the trailer off to be fixed after work, lesson with Bailey at 6:30, then a real nice lesson with Ramona on Golden Girl, Christine on Mac and Franzi on Chico. Franzi and Chico hit off immediately and were doing turn on the forehand and half passes in no time. Golden Girl figured out the turn on the forehand and was almost doing a spin.
     Gold Rush is coming onto the string and Keemah will be going in with Prince. She's the only ABC eligible filly we have left from Pall, so she's the perfect candidate to raise a replacement stallion.
07/12/2009      Just when I thought one could not fit more into a weekend, we topped it again!
     Friday I went to work in the morning till noon, go home and Ramona had everything packed and pretty much ready to load and head to stampede. meet up with Reo in Red Deer. Down at the barns around 5:30, unload the horses, settle them in, jockey the trailer back to the camp area. Meet up with my daughter and her husband about 7:30 as they treated Ramona and I to the Kenny Chesney concert. That was fantastic, out of there at 11 PM, then over as VIP's (thanks to my fantastic son in law!!) to the greatest country bar in Calgary, COWBOYS! Arrive back at our camp about 3 AM, then up at 6:30 (well at least ONE of us was!!) to get the horses and booth ready for the crowds.
     Pall in the booth for better part of the day, ride a demonstration at 2:30 with lots of ohs and awes for our lovely Irish Tinker, Sally, then another demo at 6:30 with Palladin and Oakley. Finish up at the booth about 8 PM, horses back to the barns, take a stroll so Ramona can find her PINK spurs! Back up early Sunday, another ride demo at 11 AM, head back north and pick up FRANZI from the airport at 7:45!! Home just after 9, tend to all the crittes and crash!
     Chris Axani and her entire family joined us in the booth this year and did a fantastic job of promoting the Curly Horses! Thankyou guys!!
     More great news from Chris, SS Sunnybrook’s Wyatt won overall show high point CHAMPION at Bergens Curly Horse Classic Show with 8 year old Charlotte Axani riding!! and Charmer won reserve with 11 year old Katie Axani riding! It was a Huge first for the sisters to win the over all show! Charlotte and Katie got 1st & 2nd place in Equitation & Pleasure classes - except for the Senior Pleasure class which mom, Chris, won 1st on Charmer. CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!! Way to ride.
     Took Star and Chautise over to pasture with Nellie and LT. Nellie had her foal last week. And our little Britches also had her foal. Pictures some day!
     Some sad news also. Our dear Red foaled while we were away in the mountains and somehow her sweet babe got on the wrong side of the fence and never made it back. Red and all of us here are heartbroke.
     Gold Rush is in with Princers for the last week and will probably be putting Keemah in with him now. Hard deciding who is best to breed with whom.
07/07/2009      ENJOY!!! Pictures of the Calgary Stamped Parade!!!
     Pictures of the Rocky Mountain Trail Ride!!!
07/06/2009      Wow. That is all I can say. What a weekend. What a parade, what a ride in the Rockies. Wow.
     First, here's the pictures from Wednesday in Breton's Canada Day Parade.
     We have 1,500 pictures between the 3 of us from the Stampede Parade and the Mountain ride. So it's going to take a while to go through everything!!
     Had a fantastic ride in the parade, 5,000 people were in the parade and 350,000 lined the streets to watch it!!
07/01/2009      Another FANTASTIC parade at Breton!! Even bigger than Warburg, which was bigger than Drayton!! Off to stampede tomorrow!!

06/25/2009      Farrah Fawcett died today. She battled cancer for 3 years. She was my idol forever. Only 62. As far as I'm concerned she was a superstar. She had grace, courage, glamour, talent, beauty, and I always LOVED her hair. Goodbye Farrah, you will be remembered.
06/23/2009      Awesome evening with StarDust and Max. StarDust is going to be another Chance. How cool is he!!
     Got to meet Roland's son, Jason today. What a gentleman! And thanks for the wine!! See you at the Stampede Parade!!
     Getting the horses all shod Friday ready for the Warburg parade Saturday.
06/21/2009      Pics of Roland's Fathers Day Edmonton Queen Riverboat super.
     Pics of the Saturday Trail ride.
     As you can tell from the pics was another very FULL weekend. Saturday we snuck in a trail ride for Susan before she leaves on her very first mountain trip. The dashed to the city to take in an AWESOME Charley Pride concert. What a thrill to see that legend in person. The Sunday spend the morning sanding down the last of the logs in the loft then head off to take Raquel back home. But the surprise was for Fathers Day to take Roland to the Edmonton Riverboat Queen for super! Meant a very long day for everyone, but was certainly worth it. Didn't get home until 1:30 in the morning!!
06/16/2009      Pics of the Drayton Parade!!
     Pics of the Pembina Ride!!
06/15/2009      Wow, what a start to our parade exposure. I was sooo proud of Sally. She really impressed me again, big time. Every time I ride this mare I love her more. Had a couple of spooks, first at a drainage grate in the parking lot. then one at the first manhole cover. What I love about her is get her to do it once and she remembers and carries on. Wyatt did awesome also! He wasn't even suppose to be in the parade but Reo said lets go and they did!!

     After the parade we treated ourselves and stopped at the Pembina river for a trail ride. More great training for the horses for it is full of wooden bridges. Sally stops at the first one and I tell Ramona to take Oaks across as she has done it many times before. But Oaks says NO, so Sally goes!! Just love her. By the end we are trotting accross the bridges! I'll post more pics when I figure out what happened to them!

     Lost our little white poodle puppy on Sunday. Looked for him for 4 hours and he finally was found by Ramona tucked in a shelter scared as heck. Finally took some pics of some of the yearlings also. Shajana had her kittens yesterday. Cookie had her baby yesterday. Was another very full weekend.
06/10/2009      Guess What!!! We got accepted to ride in the CALGARY STAMPEDE PARADE!!! YAHOOOOOO!!!!
     So now we need to get the horses out to as many parades as we can so they are ready and awesome!! If our truck is ready we will be at the Brazeau County Fair this weekend, the Breton Canada Day parade on July 1st and the Warburg parade on the 27th. Lots of exposure before we join the 4,000 people to make the Stampede Parade the greatest show on earth! It takes 2 hours to travel the route, 350,000 people gather in the streets to watch the parade and 6 million people will see it around the world on TV!!! WOWSERS!!
     Kresky rubbed the stitches out of her wound, vet back out and said it is looking good, just needs time now. Sally's feathers needed some special attention last night. After Ramona cleaned her I found she had some yucky stuff behind her pasterns. Took 3 hours to get it all out. Sent an email off to our Tinker specialist in Denmark, Jeanette!! Sally is such a sweetheart. Want to do everything possible to make sure she is 100% healthy. She stood perfectly for me last night as I basically laid under her between her legs to make sure everything was good.
     Hopefully Sunday we will finally have some time to take the updated pictures of all the horses. Just never seems to be enough hours in the day!!
06/08/2009      And yet another action packed weekend. Thursday Ramona called that Kresky was cut. Rush home and it is pretty bad. No idea how she did it. All three of us walk the corral 4 times and cannot find anything that would make even a small cut. But this is a foot long, top of her shoulder, forward, then back down towards her elbow. Call Greg Davis the vet, and he spends 4 hours getting it back together and all stitched up. Amazing that he was able to stitch it at all, but he does wonderful work. Lots of infection but put her on antibiotics and by Saturday allot of the swelling has gone down and she is back to running around.
     Friday we bring the vet back again and geld Starfire, Fury and Flip. Who is Flip you ask?? We traded Kim our two palomino fillies for 2 curly yearlings. One is a HUGE!!! black colt that had never been handled. He's at least 14.2 as a yearling! And of course had to be gelded so I spent 20 minutes with him in the chute while Roland and Ramona helped the vet with the other two. The vet gave Flip his tranquilizer and we waited a sec for it to take effect. But it didn't look like it was doing much. Let him out of the chute and I was able to barely hold him. Vet wanted to geld him out on the grass so his great idea was to take him through the two corrals and lead him out to the front area. Since he was "under sedation" would be no problem right?? I knew I could not hold him so asked Roland if he had his gloves and true to form he did. So he offered to take him and the rest of us would guide Flip along to get him out of the corrals. First corral not too bad, some pulling and running around, second corral had him right up to the gate and something spooked him and he bolted at 100 miles an hour back down the corral. Caught Roland by surprise and flipped him around, did a couple of huge bounds down the middle of the corral, then Roland did a complete summersault in the air, tucked and rolled and came up on his feet, still with the lead rope and the colt!! Too darn funny. Dug his heals in and never let go. Which was a darn good thing as we would have spent a long time trying to catch him back up again. Got everything settled down and the vet had to give Flip another full dose of the tranquilizer to be able to geld him.
     Saturday do our vet work at the stables, Ramona can now administer needles!, and head into Edmonton for a very romantic weekend. Need that to recharge every once in awhile. Pics on the new pics page. Home Sunday by 3, Roland splits some wood and we stack it, and the weekend is over. But not without some wonderful, wonderful memories. Thankyou Chandra for the wonderful gift, and thankyou Roland for making it magical.
06/03/2009      Got to sleep at 1:30 in the morning last night! Home from work and Ramona rode Chance and Keemah on their own for their first time and they all did AWESOME!! She even rode Ambrosia on the lead and Ambrosia was so calm it was cool!!
     Then we went over and brought back Winchester, Starfire, Fury and Senza. Man is Winchester looking fantastic!! Ramona fell totally in love with him at first sight, before she even knew he was our stallion. He is such a sweetheart. Walked right in the trailer and waited patiently while we loaded the foals.
     Echo and Red are sold. The people for Red are going to leav her here untill she foals. She is going to have a Prince baby, so if it is a colt will be an excellent breeding stallion.
     Have to make some time somewhere and get some pictures and video done. Seems like every night we are not in bed before 11 and still have so much we want to get done.
06/01/2009      And another wow, where did that weekend go??!!
     Pictures of our Danish Visitors here!!
     Fantastic Friday, Thankyou to Peter for orgainizing the visit for the Danish Students. Thankyou to Ramona, Reo, Tom & Coleen for cleaning and preping the night before. Thankyou to Reo for taking all the wonderful pictures!!
     Friday evening another super session with the horses in training and halter breaking the babies. Saturday we head out to try and find a saddle for Roland, but no luck. Sunday another allergy test for kitties, Kim arrives to do an exchange for Shimmer and Glitz for 2 of her foals. Then Justin and Reo arrive to work with Chico (who Ramona ahs been riding very successfully all week), Keemah (who was tied for the superstar with Chance), Chance (what a guy, so glad we have him for Roland, they will be life long buds for a long time) and Ambrosia (who got spooked in the horrible wind storm we had when the plastic slapped against the frame but still progressed).
05/27/2009      Ramona and I are filling every evening working with the foals. By this weekend we will have updated pictures and video of everyone in training. All the foals are doing super with 13 foals, plus the 3 still not home, we have our hands full! Gold Rush went in with Prince yesterday. Ramona noticed her in heat Friday but I think we may have missed it. Winnett is HUGE! He is going to be a very amazing boy. Charisma is another very tall girl and very quiet. Misty's babe, Stormy, is such a cool colour. Ambrosia's Brigs is just gorgeous, such a refined looking head like mom. Cookie's Kresky is another tall boy. And of course Antigua, our curly Gyspy vanner is going to be another knock out. And what quick learners they all are. Just love getting back to working with them all.
     Friday we are honoured to do some demonstrations for 30 students from Denmark! Thanks to Mr. Peter Jensen for organizing this. Ramona will be super extra busy the next couple of days cleaning up around the stables. We are hoping to do a riding demonstration on Sally, our Gypsy Vanner mare, and of course Oakley, and I might ride Pall if they have enough time with us. Will be another evening of bathing and polishing!!
05/24/2009      If anyone can fit more into a weekend I'd like to see it!!
     Pictures of Rodeo and Showcase here!!
     Started out Friday evening. Ramona had Sally, Pall, Oakley and Peggy all caught up. We bathed the horses, turned them back in the jumping field and of course first thing they do is roll!! We made up a special mash for Sally's feathers and she was looking ready for the show on Sunday. Finish up about 11.
     Saturday morning up with the birds to take a kitten to the airport for 8 AM to fly to Quebec. 9:30 Chelsea and her mom arrived from Athabasca to do an allergy test with the horses. While they do their allergy test Ramona and I are putting some mash on Sally's feathers and loading up the trailer for Sunday. Chelsea is thrilled they have NO reaction to the horses. They check out the yearlings and Curly Sarah and Mac. 10 AM Courtney arrives to pick up her 2 Siberian kittens and then Angela also arrived to check out thier allergies to the cats. Then we were off to St. Albert by 11 to take in the Rain Maker rodeo! Home by 8, finish loading the trailer and crash about 11 again.
     Sunday morning up at 5:30!! Load the horses and off to Fultonvale for the Equine Extravaganza! And have a BLAST. What a fantastic day, gorgeous sunshine, best of company, Roland & Raquel were there to help out this year, Reo came by for moral support. And we just have way too much fun. Then on Monday it's up again at 5:30 to take another kitten to the airport heading to New Foundland! Must be summer.
05/19/2009      Ramona and I had a fantastic Friday and Saturday, but we sure paid for it on Sunday.
     Friday evening Justin came over and did the first ride on Chance! Just as we expected Chance was the super star of the day. He had not been worked since last spring as a long yearling!! Justin was walking him around the arena all on his own after only a couple of minutes. Chico was amazing as Justin rode him around on a totally loose rein, trotting, walking stopping on a dime. Ambrosia is going to be worked more for mounting before we push her any. Keemah did well for the mounting, but we ran out of time to do more with her. Finished up at 11 at night!!
     Saturday we went to the dump, cleaned the one ton, then we rode Pall and Oakley, Curly Sarah and Annie, then Sally and Star. Took them all through town, a little trail ride, along the highway and had a blast. Was a gorgeous day and perfect for training outside. Trimmed up Annie and Star's feet.
     Sunday it was off for a 5 hour drive to Red Earth to pick up the wood Roland had cut all winter. Was snowing and cold and took us about 4 hours to load it all. Then we headed home about 6:30. Only made it to Slave Lake and blew a tire on the back of the 30' trailer! Was getting dark, only a 2 lane highway and we couldn't pull right off to the side as the trailer was fully loaded and would have sunk into the shoulder. Trailer was too heavy for AMA's jack to lift, so they went and got another one, still too heavy. No spare of course. Roland called around and found a fellow at Kal Tire that was willing to come out on the highway at 10 o'clock on a Sunday night of a long weekend to rescue us! His jack was strong enough, but bending the axle because the load was so heavy! Yikes. Finally he was able to get the old tire off, get it off the rim (It was twisted pretty bad!) and get the new tire back on. The rim had some nicks in it and the fellow wasn't sure if it was still going to hold air or not! But he pounded the rim back round as best he could and thankfully it did hold air. We decided there was no way we were going to continue driving in the dark in case we had more problems so found a room in Slave Lake and finally to sleep about 1:30 in the morning. Long slow drive home on Monday and get there about 5 in the evening. But at least no more problems. Except pulling into the driveway, kinda cut it a bit short and took out the fence post. Oups!
05/15/2009      Want to feel warm inside?? Our little Kruzer is sold. That is sad, but the email from Jennifer certainly makes up for it. Little Hailey came out to test her allergies a week ago and had a fantastic visit and here is the email received today:
     Kruzer arrived home safely. Hailey was so excited she couldn't sleep, so I let her stay up. Brian got home at 9:40, Hailey spent some time with Kruzer and was up at 6 this morning and out with him again. Thank you again for everthing. Hailey is one happy girl!! I will keep you posted and send pictures. Jennifer
     Thankyou Jennifer and please do keep us updated.
     Next on the feel good wagon is Stacy. Her sister arrived a couple of days ago to test her allergies and all were amazed she had NO reaction!! Couple of pics on the new pictures page.
     Stories and times like this certainly help to remind one why we started breeding these WONDERFUL horses. Thankyou to the horses.
     Reo's grandson, Justin, will be out today to put a couple of rides on some of the horses. Will be super to get them on stream and ready for Ramona to carry on with.
     Wonderful picture of Holly in the snow from Melanie in New Brunswick, and a very nice email:
     I take care of Rose St Pierre's farm in NB. She owns Holly.
     I'm the girl who took the pics of Holly & her son.
     I'm sold on the curly breed afer working with Holly. My b/f and I want our own curly someday + we love Gypsy Vanners. We are looking for something to haul a cart or possibly yard a little wood.
     - I attached a few pics of Holly
     Melanie Cormier
05/12/2009      2009 event dates are now all posted. Back in the Saddle Camp, Summer Camps, Mountain Trips, Show, it's all there!!
05/11/2009      Dewormed all the rest of the horses on the weekend. Sorted all the babies into the corral. Fixed the fence in the jumping field so we could confine Pall and Oaks so we can ride them to get ready for the showcase on the 24th. Roland got the old Ford truck running then we Cleaned up the winters mess around the cabin and got a whole truck load of debris. Also got the 1 ton running. Was a very productive weekend.
     Thursday we were interviewed by the Leduc radio station. It will be aired during the summer.
     Found the memory card, so the pics are posted!
05/7/2009      Ramona hurt her knee with a run in between a panel and Echo. Nothing serious, thank goodness. Slowed her down a bit, but she is a real trooper! Brought Keemah, Chico, Ambrosia and Echo in for round penning and they all responded very well. Keemah was the shinning star there. Hopefully will have time to keep it for a week to engrain it.
     Ramona and Helle dewormed most of the horses Monday. They had a bit of trouble catching a couple and we still need to do some of the babies, but they caught up all the horses and were very proficient. Impressed!
     Lost my memory card somewhere along the way, so, sorry, no pictures from the weekend.
     Sienna and Sierra are sold. Inquires on Glitter and Glitz. Franzi thinks Mac and Red are sold. And - Franzi may be able to visit for a couple of months this summer. Mac did awesome in lessons on the weekend. Kristine had a super ride on him, they both learned allot.
05/3/2009      I can tell this summer is going to be a blur, gone before we know it and definitely not enough time to get everything done we wish to do.
     Pictures of a fantastic getaway in Nova Scotia here , for Roland’s birthday and just because we needed a break. First little holiday together since last February!
     This weekend was crazy! Ramona cleaned out the entire tack room and we sorted through the huge piles she had. Then we took a kitten to the airport at 7 AM Saturday, toured around so Ramona could get a cowboy hat and boots then picked up Helle at the airport from Denmark at 2. People out to test allergies to the horses, Red on Friday, and then the cats. People to ride Kruzer and test allergies on Sunday, people for the poodles and kitties again. Someone stopped by looking for a palomino. And as usual we were eating supper at 9.
     Kristine came by for a lesson so we decided to bring in Pall for Helle to ride, Kristine did very well on Mac and Ramona was suppose to catch up Oakley, but Oaks and Annie knew what was up and headed for the hills. Soooo, Ramona got the privilege of riding Sally the Tinker!! Big smiles, will post some pics in the next day or so.
04/21/2009      Gone is another week and a half! Wow. Another very busy weekend. All of our puppies are gone now except for my favorite, the black boy, and Ramona's little brindle angle (whom she says she is taking to Germany!). Ramona and I set up the dog kennels during the week, cleaned the kitties house, rode horses, treated Sairephena for a rub from a feeder and last night had to treat Prince for a cut to his butt that we cannot figure out how he did. Always something.
     Saturday Claire started back riding and this year her mom is joining her! We also had a group of 5 out for beginner lessons on Sunday.
04/12/2009      Pictures of a Perfect Easter weekend.
     Friday have lots of help to bath up all the horses for the big photo shoot. Roland, Raquel, Ramona, Lisa, Reo, Chandra and Amanda all pitched in to make it fun filled day. That evening we colored Easter eggs!! Saturday was the photo shoot and a movie, Sunday saw us fighting fire!
04/08/2009      Looking for something to do on Friday?? Come and join us while we round up the horses and polish everyone up for the photo shoot Saturday! We are planning to make a fun afternoon with the horses and you are all welcome to come and join us welcome in spring!!
     Farrier out today to trim up some of the horses. Sally, Cookie, Ambrosia, Reilly and the donkies.
     Chico gave a wonderful performance last night. He was in tune and turning and stopping on a dime.
04/08/2009      Once again we are honored! Linda Finstad of A Sharper Image - Photography contacted us and wishes to photograph our amazing horses to be a part of a unique exhibit that will preserve the history of “Alberta’s Equines for future generations"!! The equine Heritage project will explore the richness and diversity of horses in the most ambitious photographic exhibit ever, commissioned by the Provincial Archives Museum. WOW!
     Linda is planning on arriving at the stables this Saturday to begin her shoot. Lots of work to do to polish up our ponies before then. Everyone is covered in mud and performing their spring shed.
     Discovered that Reilly escaped on Saturday. He now has a new home on the other side of the arena, away from the girls. He is not impressed!
     Our Mishka was friendly with Shajana yesterday. He also had a new girlfriend arrive today, Myshka from Edmonton. He'll be leaving for Florida soon, so best for him to see all his girlfriends before he leaves.
04/05/2009      On the road from 5 Saturday until 9 Sunday. 28 hours!! The roads were all good the sun shone the entire trip and Ramona was thrilled to see the Rocky mountains. Got home safe and sound with our new boy on the block and LOVE him!! He's GORGEOUS! and what a sweetheart. Didn't have time to groom him up, but will post more pictures in the next few days. BIG thankyou to Reo and Greg for spending most of Saturday trying to get my 1 ton truck going. Really appreciate the effort.
     Folly is off to see JJ. She gave us some trouble to load into the little baby trailer I had to borrow. Couldn't really blame her as she is close to 16hh now!
     Lisa, a gypsy from Ireland, came out from the stables Friday. She is the lady that came out with the Cowboy Country filming crew. She wants to get reacquainted with the horses. She spent the afternoon with Ramona and they worked some of the horses. When I got home we headed in to the Log home show. Was great to see everyone again, hard to believe it was only one year ago when we stood inside their home show and made the decision to build our dream home.
03/30/2009      Another great start to the week. Christine came by and spent a few hours with Flasha (Curly Sarah's filly and Mister (Misty's colt) and was thrilled to report that they were leading again and picking up their feet.
     Ramona rode Mac and Golden Girl, drove Sarah, Ambrosia, Chelsea, Kodiak, Chico. Keemah had her first driving lesson and was the super star of the night. Or maybe it was Chico whom Ramona rode without being led! Kruzer got his feet trim but we ran out of time to ride anymore.
03/27/2009      FANTASTIC weekend. Winter Trail Ride!! < BR>     
03/25/2009      Time! Where is it?? Keeps slipping away.
     Ramona has been working some of the horses in this terrible, terrible weather. Riding Golden Girl, Mac and Kruzer right now. Last night we got back on Kodiak and Chico. Both were PERFECT!! Working Ambrosia, Chelsea and Keemah. Weaning Curly Sarah and will be riding her next week. Feels great to finally get back to the horses. Haven't worked them since last spring as we were just so busy with the house last summer. Love it!!
     Had a fantastic weekend in Vancouver for Amanda's birthday. Was great to get away to some warmer weather, see some green grass and open water. Came home to a blizzard and watched the fellow in front of me hit the ditch.
03/09/2009      Ramona arrived safe and sound from Germany on Friday. She missed her flight out of Vancouver and arrived late, but she is here!
     Not the best welcome to Alberta though. We had a terrible, terrible storm through the weekend. Knocked our internet out Thursday and didn't get it back until yesterday. White outs everywhere. People came up from Calgary Saturday to see our cats and there were 11 vehicles in the ditch at the Glen Park turn off. Just crazy.
     Saturday we were able to bring in Curly Sarah, Kodiak Braveheart, Chico, Golden Girl, Keemah, Chelsea and Angelic Ambrosia. Trimmed some feet and just tried to remind everyone that they still were domesticated horses and would have to work for a living!! Drove Chico (he forgot what reverse was), Kodiak (remembered everything), Golden Girl (what a sweetheart) and Keemah. Sarah was too upset that her baby got weaned, so she just got to chill. Will be brining Mac and Kruz back in also, but need some warmer weather!! Forecast for -30 tomorrow and finally heading up to plus 5 for Saturday!! Hooray!!
03/02/2009      Can't believe how chubby the puppies are! They look and sound like little sea lion pups!! Shilo is Black, Baxter black and white, and the pups are white, chocolate brown, a brindle color and one solid black and two black with white on their chest.
     Went to our winter pasture yesterday and trimmed up the feet on Winchester, LT, Fury, Nellie and Senza. Very impressed with how the babies behaved. Kristine has spent allot of time with them and it really showed yesterday. Can tell Senza is her favorite. Trimmed her feet without even being tied!! Had the camera out and ready to take pictures, and of course "replace the batteries"!! Never fails.
     Ramona May arrives Friday from Germany. Suppose to be -30 again on Wednesday, so she might just stay on the plane and head back home!!
     Might need to run to the US border in BC and pick up a cute little stud colt we are looking at. Franzi wants some Pinto color in our next years foals, so we have been searching.
02/24/2009      Surprise - We have puppies!! Our little Shilo surprised the heck out of all of us yesterday and had 7 little wonders. She was so fluffy we had no idea she was pregnant. Deb found her when she had 2 and got her all settled.
02/17/2009      Oh my, have I been tardy! Part of the excuse is our weather. It has been extremely cold here the last while and just no fun at all.
     Lots of horses moving right now. Gone are Anika and her foal, Martika and her foal and Evita and her foal. With these changes we are obviously going to refocus on our Curly and Gypsy program and only breed Folly to JJ. We have worked out a plan with Kim for exchanging some babies/breeding and look forward to new bloodlines for our curly herd. We will be expanding on the good old working class horses for all around Western/English disciplines. Franzi also has a client interested in Winchester which would really increase our possibilities for the up and coming years. Yes, lots of changes, all for the better, all with new possibilities.
     Our exchange student will be arriving in 2 weeks. Wow, where did that time go. Still don't have the basement finished and ready, but will get in high gear this next week.
     Vet out last Friday, in the -25 weather, to preg check a couple of the girls for export. We were thrilled to learn that Red is bred to Princers!! and speaking of Princers he has NEVER looked better. The old boy has grown hair back where he never had it since he arrived her. Last spring I tried Denise Conroy's treatment all over his body and it looks like it paid off. will do it again this spring and who knows, by next year he might even look like the Prince he is. Love that boy.
01/28/2009      Lots of good news around the stables, but there always seems to be a sad story. We received an email about our Baley in the Netherlands and found out that he had slipped at the stables and went down on his hip and broke it. He was improving after being stall confined for a couple of months only to go down on his other side and then Micha and her family had to make a decision none of us like to make. It is very sad as he had been there 6 months and had just bonded with everyone and all was going super. Brittany from Michigan is heart broke also as she had spent many, many hours with Baley and missed him the moment he left their yard. Our heart goes out to all. Everything happens for a reason, even though we never know what would have been worse at times like this.
01/23/2009      Update pictures of Maria riding Buffy in Germany! Buffy, SS Annie's Buffalo Girl, is the full sister to our SS Annie's Oakley, everyone's favorite at the stables.
01/20/2009      Wonderful pictures from Kristine and the babies she has been working with, Nellie's Rebel Tattoo Sensation (Senza), LT's Fury and Star's Starfire Governess.
01/04/2009      pictures of our new home.
12/22/2008      Hooray!!! We are moved in!! And -- Guess what -- the roof is still not finished.
     The last 3 weeks have been totally exhausting. Push, push, push. Working every night till at least midnight, some till after 2 AM. Back up every day at it again by 8. Last Thursday through Wednesday we had up to 18 people working to "get 'er done!" and we did. The plumbing, electrical and heat is not finished, but we have the essentials. We were suppose to be moved out of the old house by December 1st, but thank the heavens above, not only were they understanding, but were actually out there with us working on the house just so we could all make the transitions. Thankyou to all that pitched in, and a big thankyou that we are all still together and talking!! Takes ALOT of patience and understanding to accomplish what we did.
     Yesterday I did a bit of Christmas shopping, Raquel decorated a little tree we picked up and that will be the extent of our Christmas extravaganza this year. Next year we will do the house up, when we have a roof!! Surely they will have it finished by then!!
     Princess had her kittens last Thursday in the midst of all the confusion. Four little gray angels.
     Inquiries on Red and Ambrosia. One of our riding horses is sold as a Christmas present, so we won't know who until the surprise is released at Christmas.
     With all that has been going on we haven't had time to keep up with all the email inquiries on the cats and horses. I apologize for that but we should be back to normal after New Years.
     We wish each and every one of you the joy that this time of year beholds. May you have loved ones close to you, whether they be beast or human.
     Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
     Deanna, Roland and Raquel
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