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Feature Curly
SS Native Anikan's Chilcoten Heart


2006 Sorrel curly gelding
ICHO Eligible

Chico has excellent sport horse breeding plus line breeding for the best of our famous curly Champion, Palladin. Out of Native Chelsea by Anikan Ambassador. Chelsea is Native Thrill, top Thoroughbred breeding, by Palladin. Anikan Ambassador is Angelic Anika, our Friesian/thoroughbred beauty bred to our Palladin.

Chico can do it all. He climbed to the top of mountains, crossed the Red Deer river, travelled 40 miles his first day in the mountains and never once hesitated or resisted.
Chico's first trail ride in preperation for his mountain trips. It was on this ride we realized we had the ultimate horse.

The smile says it all. This is Ramona from Germany after climbing to the top of the mountains on our second trip to the Rocky Mountains.

Chico leaving his friends and crossing the rageing river.

The river was too high for our pony to cross, so we stayed back while Chico made his first river crossing. Ramona was nervous and thought she was going to be swept down the river, but Chico carried her through.
Many of the horses we have trained will refuse to cross the rivers the first time they encounter them, but not Chico, he took every challenge right in stride.

Time for a bit of fun and Ramona canters up the final hill on the way home.
Dressage horse, you bet he has the potential. He will round up, leg yeild, shoulder in, half pass and pick up his canter leads.
Confidence? Relaxed? Of course - he's a curly.

Excellent conformation, with curl, breeding and brains.

Picture perfect.

Not every horse can lead or follow.
Chico is happy in either position.
He will take up the lead or tail, no difference to him.

Chico is one of the first horses I have taken to the mountains, in my 30 years of going there, that was not bothered by the rivers at all!
You would have thought he crossed rivers every day of his life.
Just a nice day for a nice ride on a nice horse.
Most horses will have something that will spook them once out on the trail. With all Chico's trail rides and mountain trips I'm almost scared to say it, but he never did spook once.
Gorgeous eh!
Already on his second trip to the mountains and Chico climbs all the way to the top of the "Hat". Only half of our group was able to make it all the way to the top because it is so steep and you have to switch back or the horses loose their footing. Not our Chico, never faultered once!
Happy trails. On this trip the wind was howling down the canyon and a huge storm was blowing in. Heading for home and Chico is still one of the steadiest horses on the trail.

    To our out of country friends who are reluctant to "cross border shop" we would like to say that we are well experienced in shipping horses around the world and would be happy to provide references about our ability to make it a trouble free experience.