Gypsy Vanner Dream Horse!


Reilly crossing the Pembina River.

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The Versatile,
Family Oriented

Gypsy Vanner Horse!!

Imported from England!!
This guy is it!  His dad, Tubbs,
is a son of the legendary "Shogun Horse”!!

Reilly was imported from Michael Vines in England
with his dam, Dorian, by Jeff Bartko of Black Forest Shires & Gypsy Horses

Tubs, Reilly's sire, is 14.3 hands.  Reilly was taller than his siblings, so heading more towards his dad's height.  He was born in England and imported with his dam as a 4-month-old colt. 


Above pictures of Tubs in England. (Photos courtesy of BGSGH)

  Tubbs leaves quality in his offspring.  He's tested and confirmed homozygous for the pinto, so all of his foals are pinto, no matter what color the mare is.  He's not a little guy, standing around 14.3 hands, and as stout as you can find in a gypsy cob.  We expect the same from Reilly.

Tubbs, is a son of the legendary "Shogun Horse", who is sired by the original Old Kent Horse , and is a proven stallion, sire of many nice foals. He's a big boy, with tons of hair and lots of quality for a big horse.  He's got a gorgeous head (and neck!) for a larger-sized cob too, what a classic looking boy this guy is.

Now that is awesome! Look at the feather on Shogun, it's no wonder he is the sire of many well now winners.
(Above pictures courtesy of BGSGH)


Reilly's Dam


DORIAN: Beautiful imported Registered Blue and White Gypsy Cob mare of excellent quality and breeding from Michael Vines stables in England. Perfectly built, silky feather and hair. Refined head with tippy ears and intelligent, large eye. Everything the discriminating breeder looks for in a gypsy mare and oh-that-beautiful-color!. 

Above pictures of Dorian before being imported in 2006 in foal to Reilly, age 4. (Photos courtesy of BGSGH)


Couple more pics of Dorian, Reilly’s dam, in England.

Tubb's O'Reilly!

Reilly as a yearling before he made his journey all the way up from Texas. He has exceptional temperament. No problem to catch him, lead him, do his feet, and was a sweet heart to start under saddle.

Reilly has brown eyes.  Mom is a blue and white mare; she is a very good quality vines-bred mare. 


Reilly's second day under saddle in 2009.

Update now in 2013 and Reilly is so calm, his first ride out this spring and we had to push him to get him to keep up with the other horses. He really does not have a care in the world.

Very typical Gypsy trust and extremely smooth trot for a horse his size. Quite a nice surprise!

He takes everything totally in stride. Never balks, very trusting and willing. The girl riding in this picture had only ridden a dozen times before taking him on these trails!

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